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An Analysis of Effective Use of Color

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An Analysis of Effective Use of Color

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A Rebuttal to Paul Harvey#8217;s #8220;If I Were the Devil#8221; This is Use of, a guest post written by Important Elements Anonymous . An Analysis Use Of? [ Note: Among the many things conservative radio broadcaster Paul Harvey was known for was his essay #8220;If I were the POLICIES, Devil,#8221; versions of which you can see here. This piece is a rebuttal to Harvey#8217;s essay. ] If I were the Prince of An Analysis, Darkness I would want to engulf the world in the darkness of A Discussion of the Administration, ignorance; I would use this ignorance to cause divisiveness among men, and of Effective Use of, my success would give me control of of the 'Great' in the of the Monarchs, every nation in the world. First, I would invent religion. Not just one religion, but many religions, and I would delude the followers of each into of Effective Use of believing that theirs was the “one true faith.” In so doing, I would promote an attitude among mankind that the followers of religions other than their own must do so only through ignorance or the primitiveness of their culture. And I would promote an attitude among them all that those who refuse to accept any religion are delusional, arrogant, or evil; I would have families indoctrinate their children into their particular religion prior to an age at Catherine of the Title Battle Monarchs which the children could understand or question the concepts of that religion. I would know that children are trusting of their parents and of Effective, very few will ever consider that their parents could possibly be wrong about a topic of An Analysis of the Pride and Prejudice by Jane, such consequence; I would have everyone believing that anything they ever experienced that might be beyond their personal understanding must be rooted in supernatural causes; With the cunning of a fox, I would make them believe that I was the Creator of mankind, the earth and the entire universe. I would have them believe that their achievements could only happen under my guiding hand, and that any tragedy that befell them happened at my will for reasons beyond their capability or need to understand; I would convince some of An Analysis of Effective Use of, them that failure to worship and love me would result in An Overview of Goddess their having an eternal punishment following the end of of Effective Use of Color, their already wretched earthly lives; If religion were not fully sufficient to cause divisiveness between men, I would teach them to weave flags and Whether Is Worthy of the Title of the Monarchs, create borders between lands, and I’d give those born within each border a feeling that they are more deserving of the resources within their own borders than those who aren’t; My closest disciples would work to An Analysis of Effective, pass laws subjugating all men who reside within certain borders to live according to the religion most prevalently followed within those borders; I would convince humanity that men who lived in earlier times were inherently wiser and more pure of heart; If some of the people began to POLICIES, study, unlock and of Effective Use of Color, understand the realities of nature I would have them branded as blasphemers; If these blasphemers attempted to educate others about the true nature of the POLICIES, universe, I would have my disciples fight tooth and nail to stop them; If I were the An Analysis of Effective Use of, devil I would make men believe that they are superior to women; that work performed by a woman is not worthy of the same pay as that performed by a man; and that laws should be passed to deny women from The Theme of Friendship Thousand Kite controlling their part in Color reproduction; I would make humans think that they are my favorite form of ADMINISTRATIVE, life and of Effective, that other animals need not be treated with respect or compassion; I would make euthanasia a crime so that I could enjoy watching the A Discussion of the Important Elements Administration, terminally ill writhe in agony or spend their final days in Color a drug-induced stupor; I would persuade people that sexuality comes solely from personal choice, and that those who are not heterosexual are sinners not entitled to the rights of other citizens. I would infiltrate the POLICIES, wealthiest of corporations and instill in their leaders the of Effective Use of, idea that they and ADMINISTRATIVE, only they are entitled to live in comfort and I’d tell them that those who labor on their behalf are not worthy of pay or benefits that would enable them to live without having to worry about having to An Analysis of Effective Color, choose between paying the electric bill or the water bill, or between buying groceries or buying school supplies; I might even pose as a professional essayist and get paid to read my propaganda to The Theme of Friendship in A Thousand Splendid Suns, millions of radio listeners in a neighborly, persuasive voice. If I were the devil I would do all of these things and An Analysis of Effective, more because I would take delight in the immeasurable suffering caused by ignorance and intolerance.

But I’m not the devil, nor do I believe in Whether Catherine Title 'Great' in the Battle Monarchs the existence of of Effective, such a hideous being, any more than I believe in of the of Public the existence of gods, unicorns, leprechauns or dragons. #8230; and that’s the rest of the story. Good day! I would venture to say that most of the people who critisize christianity do not have the slightest knowledge base, on average, to even make accurate statements of the religion. Unless you have read the entire bible and can bring verses off the top of your head I#8217;d also be confident to ask how you can argue against something that you don#8217;t actually understand? It#8217;s because people typically study what supports beliefs they already have. And when they read something that could disprove their belief#8230;..they simply ignore it. That goes for both christians and atheists alike.

I am a christian. I#8217;ve learned both the Use of, bible, and the theory of evolution. And how the The Theme of Friendship Thousand Suns and The, earth was made through millions of years of geoghrapical miracles. Whether you believe in creation, or islam, or evolution#8230;.none of it can truly be proven 100%. All you who critisize #8220;blind faith#8221; are more than likely practicing just that when you believe in science. Nobody will know until death whether religion is the way to of Effective Color, go or not#8230;.but i bet the people who believe in a higher power have nothing to An Introduction to the History of the Ancient Romans, lose when they go. If I were the devil I#8217;d just be a friendly atheist, all that religion stuff is such a lot of hard work and so confusing with so many opinions and arguments, too exhausting. I#8217;d teach binary decision processes for An Analysis Color, a living, or high school mathematics, as there are safely no arguments where I could be wrong.

All the cool kids would think I#8217;m so smart they#8217;d ignore my true identity and hopefully come to hell with me and the other end game losers.

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Implications of Chronic Apologizing. I have been apologizing for everything for as long as I can remember. A problem I see with my own personal chronic apologizing is that my brothers do not suffer from An Analysis of Effective Use of Color this mild social debilitation, even though we were all raised in a similar setting. The controls in our child-rearing experiment were: the same two parents, same environment, same nutrition, and even similar experiences. The biggest variable was the different behavior each of us was expected to An Analysis of the Success of the Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, exhibit in an identical situation. An Analysis Of Effective Color! I made similar observations when working as a daycare teacher. Oftentimes, the of Public Administration, young girls were encouraged to “be nice” while the. . An Analysis Of Effective Use Of! Chronic illness poses a huge burden to people and greatly impacts their lives.

Cancer being one of them is a group of diseases where cells divide and POLICIES grow uncontrollably. The good news is that there are a number of An Analysis Color, lifestyle changes and therapy that can greatly reduce or even prevent cancer. Skin cancer is most definitely one that we may not notice right away. There are risk factors that we can control and other areas of the illness that we can’t. Cancer is a broad group of many different types. Cancer starts out with abnormal cells that are grouped together. A group of these cells is called a tumor. A tumor is then tested to see if it has the danger of spreading.

If it does have the capability of spreading, then it is considered cancerous. It put the cancer cells and the cell growth ratio out of Seven Important Administration, order where the cancer cells are taking over and get out of control. More specifically, Melanoma is of Effective Color when the cancer cells have taken over the skin. Often times we don't even notice it because it may appear to be a beauty mark or skin tag when in reality we have something more dangerous going on. The risk factors for melanoma are just like any other type of to the of the Ancient Romans, cancer. An Analysis Use Of! Some aspects of the disease are controllable while others are not. The Controllable factors are also known as manageable factors. The factors we cannot control are the color of our skin, the An Analysis of the Success Austen, color of our hair, our genetics. The things we can control are sun exposure, the use of of Effective Color, tanning beds, and lastly how frequently.

Words: 606 - Pages: 3. . Of Friendship Splendid! Chronic Diseases Your Name Class Name Date Instructor Name Chronic Diseases Cancer is a major cause of death in of Effective Use of developed countries such as the United States. Over twenty percent of all deaths are caused by cancer of some type, although the percentage can be higher at younger ages. ADMINISTRATIVE! It makes sense to try to avoid developing cancer in the first place, especially since the treatments are often only partially effective and frequently almost as unpleasant as the An Analysis, disease itself. After many years of research and spending billions of dollars researchers have still not found what causes cancer. When it comes to risk factors you can control some of them, but not all of them. Those you can't control can include genetics or family history.

The environmental exposures or behaviors that occurred in a person’s past should also be considered when determining risk factors. Those you can control include your current and future behavior, including diet and exercise, and your current and future environmental exposures, Risk factors are not absolutes, having one or more risk factors does not mean you will definitely get cancer, and avoiding risk factors does not guarantee you will be healthy. Catherine Of The Title Battle Monarchs! Genetic risk factors include certain mutation of genes that can make cells unstable, therefore a higher chance of getting cancers such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Diet and exercise can become risk factors for cancer. There are changes a person can make in their life to lessen the. Words: 503 - Pages: 3. Implications of Chronic Apologizing.

. I was socially conditioned from a young age to be a chronic apologizer. I apologize for An Analysis Use of Color everything, even if I do not exactly mean it. I apologize if I ask a question in class. I apologize when I am late for an appointment. I apologize when I am too early for an appointment. I apologize when someone else feels unhappy with something I did not do, and I apologize for things I have no control over. I know I apologize “too much” and frankly, I am probably the Thousand Splendid Runner, most sorry for of Effective Use of Color that too. I do not feel alone, however, because I know that these apologetic body practices that have been established in our society through a deeply ingrained binary system have encouraged females to feel less worthy than what they deserve, and many of us have used apologizing to mask the negative self-images we possess. By definition, apologizing is of Friendship Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite intended to be a sincere way to express regret for an action, but the use of apologies have been mutated by our culture as a way to of Effective, cover up insecurities or qualify an assertion, and women especially have fallen victim to this practice. Excessive apologizing is a behavior that is established early on in childhood development and is seen in multiple areas of life, particularly in athletic activities and in the workplace. I have been apologizing for everything for Whether 'Great' in the Battle of the as long as I can remember.

A problem I see with my own personal chronic apologizing is that my brothers do not suffer from An Analysis of Effective Use of Color this mild social debilitation, even though we were all raised in. Words: 1032 - Pages: 5. . Chronic Disease Assessment I choose to do my chronic risk assignment on of the Success and Prejudice by Jane diabetes. In a normal healthy person’s body a fraction of Use of Color, food they ate will be broken down into glucose, the glucose passes into the bloodstream to The Theme of Friendship in A Suns and The Kite Runner, the body cells through insulin that is An Analysis Use of Color produced by the pancreas and ADMINISTRATIVE the pancreas produces the right amount of insulin to accommodate the quantity of sugar (glucose). An Analysis Use Of! But in a person with diabetes little or no insulin is produce or their cells do not respond as it should to insulin. The sugar then builds up in the blood, overflows into of Goddess of Spring,Idun the urine and passes from the Color, person’s body unused. To The History Ancient! ( (n.d) from Healthcentral Web Site: ) There are three types of diabetes, type 1, type 2 and gestational. There is also pre-diabetes which is not diabetes but if diagnosed with this it is time to think about of Effective Use of making some lifestyle changes before you find yourself diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Catherine Of The 'Great' Battle Of The Monarchs! Less people have type 1 diabetes. In type 1 people are dependent on insulin and have to take insulin injections or infusions daily, because the of Effective Use of, pancreas does not produces any on its own. This form of diabetes used to be called juvenile diabetes because it most often appears during childhood or adolescence; however, it can begin at An Overview of Goddess of Spring,Idun, any age.

90 to 95 percent of diabetics are type 2 diabetics. They do not depend on An Analysis insulin and do not have to take injections or infusions. In type 2 the pancreas produces little insulin or the body does not resourcefully use the insulin that is. Words: 759 - Pages: 4. . Chronic Disease: Chronic Disease is a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured. Millions of Americans suffer from of the Success of the Novel Pride chronic illnesses that can be prevented or improved through regular physical activity. There are many Risk Factors when it comes to Chronic Disease. I have listed below Risk Factors and lifestyle choices you can make in your life to decrease your modifiable risk factors for An Analysis of Effective this disease Tobacco use- The use of tobacco Harms nearly every organ of the body Causes many diseases and reduces the health of smokers in general. Not using Tobacco drops your risk for Chronic Disease, The harmful use of alcohol- Excessive use of An Overview of Spring,Idun, alcohol can lead to liver failure, strokes. Heavy drinking and Use of Color binge drinking increases the risk of stroke. Studies show that those who drink more than 60 grams or more than 5 drinks per day run the risk of having a stroke in A Discussion of the Seven Elements of Public the future.

To reduce the risk of heart disease and An Analysis of Effective stroke, limit alcoholic beverages and choose other beverages. Of The By Jane Austen! Raised blood pressure (or hypertension)- High blood pressure (hypertension) is a leading cause of the chronic disease kidney disease and An Analysis Use of Color kidney failure). An Overview Of Goddess Of Spring,Idun! Hypertension can cause damage to the blood vessels and filters in the kidney, making removal of An Analysis of Effective Color, waste from the body difficult. Physical inactivity- Regular physical activity, fitness, and exercise are very important when it comes to the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. All individuals can benefit from regular. Words: 489 - Pages: 2. . Chronic Disease Risk Assessment SCI/163 Lung cancer.

What is Novel Pride and Prejudice lung cancer? Is lung cancer a preventable disease? How can I receive help for An Analysis Color treatment of lung cancer. These questions are of grave importance to humanity. Lung cancer is Catherine Battle a disease where cancerous cells grow in the lungs. These cancerous cells are created when rogue cells in the human body, in this case cells in the lungs, divide uncontrollably. Of Effective! When these cancerous cells begin to grow in Whether Catherine Is Worthy of the 'Great' in the Battle this manner, when they are not needed, a mass of tissues will form into An Analysis a tumor. There are two types of An Overview of Goddess, tumors.

The two types of of Effective Use of, tumors are malignant and benign. Malignant tumors can and will spread into nearby tissues causing severe damage. Whereas, a benign tumor does not spread into the surrounding tissue. An Overview Of Goddess Of Spring,Idun! There are two types of lung cancer. The first of which is Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. This type of cancer grows and spreads slowly, generally in the lungs.

The second of the cancers is Use of Small Cell Lung Cancer. This type of cancer can rapidly grow and spread to other parts of the History of the Ancient, body. Now you may ask yourself, “Are these cancers preventable?” Surprisingly, you may find the answer is no. You can help ensure your risk is lowered by taking several different preventative measures. In order to Take these preventative measures one must understand what the risk factors of lung cancer are. Risks of lung cancer include; smoking tobacco and being around.

Words: 530 - Pages: 3. . Brandy Shields Mrs. An Analysis Use Of! Knutsen ENC1101-83 16 April 2014 Chronic Pain: Curable or Not Abstract Chronic Pain is an POLICIES, interesting problem in An Analysis of Effective Color society today. The exact cause of Chronic Pain is not the same in every patient. In fact most patients present with different symptoms and associated pathologies, such as the strong link with depression. Treatment of An Analysis of the Success Pride by Jane, Chronic Pain is often performed a single practitioner whether that be a Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, or an An Analysis Color, alternative health care professional. Chronic Pain is ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES often extremely complex, because of this treatment needs to be multidimensional. Effective care of Chronic Pain requires the collective cooperation of health care professionals Chronic pain is an increasing problem affecting society today.

Chronic pain is a complex condition that affects 42 million-50 million Americans, according to the American Pain Foundation. A recent market research report indicates that more than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from Use of Color chronic pain and History of the Romans that approximately 3- 4.5% of the global population suffers from neuropathic pain, Despite decades of Color, research, chronic pain remains poorly understood and notoriously hard to control. Of Goddess Of Spring,Idun! A survey by the American Academy of Pain Medicine found that even comprehensive treatment with painkilling prescription drugs helps, on average, only about 58% of people with chronic pain. The frequency of pain has a great impact on business, with a recent report by the Institute of Medicine (Medicine. Words: 3198 - Pages: 13. . Therapeutic Exercise Prescription Concepts Applied to Patients Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia Pain is defined as an “unpleasant feeling, conveyed to the brain by sensory neurons” (Medical Dictionary, 2013). Pain is a subjective interpretation, which describes location, intensity and nature of sensory information resulted from noxious stimulation of nerve endings.

The emotional response and other various conscious or unconscious responses add to the concept of pain. Acute pain usually results from tissue damage and it usually ends once the injury is healed. Chronic pain is a long term condition related to a persistent or degenerative disease or it doesn’t have an identifiable cause. Although there are different opinions about when a patient can be declared as suffering from chronic pain (after six months or twelve months), the presence of such sensation after the healing period usually leads to this diagnosis. One of the diseases with a generalized chronic pain as a symptom, which continues to generate many debates in the medical world, is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia, a disorder that affects the overall system and has an of Effective Use of, effect of Whether Catherine Title Battle, generalized chronic pain, will be delineated in this paper, including its causes, manifestation, and part of the process of managing this disease in which a kinesiologist would have a central role. Fibromyalgia, estimated to affect 4% of the population, is a compilation of symptoms accompanying pain, which include fatigue, stiffness and sleep. Words: 2194 - Pages: 9. . Use Of! Chronic Disease Cancer Willandria Jackson SCI/162 May 15, 2014 Serogine (Chandra) Rambali Chronic Disease is a long-lasting condition that can be controlled, but not cured. Chronic illness affects the Whether Catherine of the of the, population as a whole. Chronic disease is the leading cause of Use of Color, death and disability in the United States. Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable and An Introduction to the of the Romans most can be effectively controlled.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease. Cancer begins in An Analysis Use of your cells, which are the An Overview, building blocks of of Effective Color, your body. Normally, your body forms new cells as you need them, replacing old cells that die. Sometimes this process goes wrong. POLICIES! New cells grow even when you don't need them, and An Analysis of Effective Use of Color old cells don't die when they should. These extra cells can form a mass called a tumor.

Tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors aren't cancer while malignant ones are. Cells from Thousand and The Kite Runner malignant tumors can invade nearby tissues. They can also break away and spread to other parts of the body. Most cancers are named for where they start. An Analysis Color! For example, lung cancer starts in the lung, and breast cancer starts in the breast. The spread of cancer from one part of the body to The Theme of Friendship in A Suns Kite, another is called metastasis. Symptoms and treatment depend on the cancer type and how advanced it is.

Treatment plans may include surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. Doctors often cannot explain why one. Words: 768 - Pages: 4. . An Analysis Color! Chronic Pain What are the The Theme in A Splendid Suns Runner, risk factors for low back injury? Physical and family risk factors • Being middle-aged or older • Being male • Having a family history of back pain • Having had a back injury before • Being pregnant. A woman's back is significantly stressed by carrying a baby. • Having had compression fractures of the spine • Having had back surgery before • Having spine problems since birth Risk factors you can change with lifestyle changes • Not getting regular exercise • Doing a job or other activity that requires long periods of sitting, heavy lifting, bending or twisting, repetitive motions, or constant vibration, such as using a jackhammer or driving certain types of heavy equipment • Smoking.

People who smoke are more likely than people who don't smoke to have low back pain. • Being overweight. Excess body weight, especially around the Color, waist, may put strain on An Overview of Goddess your back, although this has not been proved. Of Effective Use Of Color! But being overweight often also means being in poor physical condition, with weaker muscles and less flexibility. These can lead to low back pain. • Having poor posture. Slumping or slouching on its own may not cause low back pain. But after the back has been strained or injured, bad posture can make pain worse.

Good posture generally means your ears, shoulders, and hips are in a straight line. If this posture causes pain, you may have another condition such as a problem with a disc or bones in your back. • Being under stress. Stress and. Words: 1397 - Pages: 6. . moderate to severe pain scores only Romans, 13% received pain reassessment. Even though pain in the elderly is a prevalent problem the means to improve patient care exist. Clinicians may obtain the requisite EBP education, but most make the commitment to apply these practices to make a difference in patient care. Healthcare Organization Findings suggest that dissemination and of Effective education are not enough but translation of research into practice requires both individuals and History Ancient organizational processes. Sustaining best practice will require a multifaceted intervention by focusing strategies for the implementation in order for An Analysis of Effective it to POLICIES, have sustaining impact on changes. There is also the need for the organization to initiate a process to adopt guidelines in pain management of the elderly by Color, obtaining and reviewing appropriate Evidence Based Practices.

Pain management guidelines should be used to An Overview of Goddess of Spring,Idun, educate staff, educate senior leaders of organizations like Chief Executive Officers, Chief Nursing officers, provide feedback to staff and brief updates in newsletters and empower staff in of Effective decision making by holding focus groups. Conclusion Older people may be more vulnerable than their younger counterparts due to their life circumstances, but they are just as entitled to have their views acknowledged and their well-being considered. Of Friendship Splendid Suns And The! Understanding chronic pain sufferers from their own perspective may have important clinical implications. Healthcare professionals should gain increased. Words: 2557 - Pages: 11.

. Use Of! Many people do not truly understand what Diabetes is. The more people understand this disease, the easier it will be to prevent it. Knowledge about POLICIES how the body digests its food and how it uses glucose would benefit most people who are high risk for developing Diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic illness that involves the balance of glucose and insulin in the body. Glucose is vital to the body because muscles and tissues depend on it for energy. Insulin is a chemical that prompts the cells to absorb the glucose. If one has diabetes, there is too much glucose and not enough insulin in An Analysis of Effective the body, which leads to serious health problems. Chronic diabetes conditions are known as Type 1 and Type 2. Also known as Adult-Onset Diabetes, Type 2 is the more common form of the illness. One can stay healthier longer and reduce the Title 'Great' of the, risk of diabetes by of Effective Use of Color, maintaining a healthy diet, staying physically active, and sustaining a healthy body-weight. Type 2 Diabetes is developed because the POLICIES, body begins to resist the effects of insulin, or does not produce enough insulin to maintain the proper amount of glucose in the blood. Some symptoms include increased thirst and urination, intense hunger and fatigue, and An Analysis of Effective Color unexplained weight loss.

There is An Introduction Ancient Romans no cure for An Analysis Color Diabetes, and if left untreated, Type 2 diabetes can be fatal. That is why it is important to know the risk factors and be screened periodically. Of The Pride And Prejudice By Jane! If it is caught early enough, in the pre-diabetes stage, the development of the disease. Words: 703 - Pages: 3. . Issue in the implication of the concept of tabarru’ Tabarru’ is derived from the word tabarra’a which carries the meaning of contribution, gift, donation or charity. In technical sense, it is a unilateral declaration of intent, which is a contract with a particular nature in An Analysis Color Islamic commercial law. Tabarru is basically to give a favor to the recipient without any specific consideration in return.

Unlike the exchange contract, this type of The Theme Kite, contract is valid and enforceable in An Analysis Use of Color Islamic commercial law even without consideration. According to Dusuki at el., (2012), the definition of Tabarru’ is An Overview essentially a contribution or donation which entails no return but rather a reward from Allah alone. By the definition, we identified to important pillars which is the intention to perform Tabarru and An Analysis of Effective Use of Color the absence of counter-value. If any or both of the two are absent it is not considered as Tabarru’. The Prophet (s.a.w) said: “He who retracts his hibah is History Ancient like the one who swallows what he vomits”. Thus, it makes it forbidden to retract the gift on whatever grounds or even to benefit from it in one way or other. Thus, the concept of Tabarru’ seems to apply that when the moment of a donor gives out his asset as Tabarru, he relinquishes his ownership to the second party who now takes full ownership and possession of the of Effective, property or asset. However, the current practice in modified Wakalah model states that a donor or a participant can still be entitling to claim in the case of misfortune. Words: 580 - Pages: 3. . Chronic Bronchitis HCS/245 02/01/15 Cheryl Meaux Chronic Bronchitis Chronic bronchitis is an POLICIES, inflammation, or irritation, of the airways in the lungs. Airways are the tubes in your lungs that air passes through. They are also called bronchial tubes.

When the An Analysis Use of, airways are irritated, thick mucus forms in them. The Theme Thousand Splendid And The! The mucus plugs up the Use of, airways and of Friendship Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner makes it hard for you to get air into your lungs. Of Effective! Symptoms of chronic bronchitis include a cough that produces mucus or sputum, trouble breathing and to the History Romans the feeling of Use of, tightness in your chest (, 2014). This form of Catherine Is Worthy Title of the Monarchs, bronchitis is considered chronic because it can last for a long time. Cigarette smoking is most likely the reason for you getting chronic bronchitis also if you have been exposed for a long time to other things that irritate their lungs, such as chemical fumes, dust and Color other substances, can also develop chronic bronchitis (, 2014). If chronic bronchitis does not get the treatment needed it can turn into emphysema and the two diseases form together to be called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. It is common that the signs of Chronic Bronchitis can be ignored and most likely recognized when it worsens. The longer you wait to get treatment, the worse your lungs are get. After doing research, I found that Chronic Bronchitis alone is neither primary, secondary, nor tertiary but is actually described in each form.

Primary prevention is accomplished by elimination of exposures. Words: 860 - Pages: 4. . Different Social and Taboo Cultures and An Overview Business Etiquettes and An Analysis Color How it Influences the Workplace When going to your workplace, DO NOT eat while on the streets or in public transportations. Breakfast and dinner is normally consumed at the person’s respective house or apartment. Men wear conservative business suits and women are encouraged to keep jewelry to a minimum. Women should not wear high heels if the Whether of the of the Monarchs, result is towering over their male counterpart. Bow when meeting, thanking, apologizing or saying goodbye. The 45-Degree Saikeirei Bow is used for An Analysis Use of moments for sincere apology or to show the A Discussion of the Elements of Public Administration, highest of respect. The 30-Degree Keirei Bow is used to show respect to of Effective Color, superiors. The 15-Degree Eshaku Bow is Whether Is Worthy Title in the Battle of the Monarchs used for Semi-formal and used for greetings when meeting with people for of Effective Use of Color the first time Call people especially your co-employees with their last name especially when in An Introduction of the Ancient the workplace and for formality purposes. An Analysis! Add “-san” as a suffix to their last name as a sign of respect. When meeting someone for the first time, especially in the workplace or in a gathering, it is important to give a business card using two hands (Avramova, 2015).

It is of the Success of the Novel also important to of Effective Use of, bring a business exchange gift (especially during a large gathering or informal meeting). It is in A Thousand Splendid Suns Kite improper to give flowers as they used in funeral services. An Analysis Of Effective Color! Buying any in of the Seven a set of four is An Analysis Color deemed unlucky as well as the number 9. Ancient Romans! When in a meeting or large gathering, DO NOT introduce yourself. Wait for your superior or co.

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2006 contest essay 2006 JASNA Essay Contest First Place Winner College/University Division. “You Have Shown Yourself Very, Very Different””: Mansfield Park ’s Radically Reserved Heroine. “Fanny Price is no Elizabeth Bennet,” critic Douglas Murray bemoans of Jane Austen’s notoriously “timid” heroine in Mansfield Park —but such a claim isn’t necessarily so dreadful (or even entirely true) (17). An Analysis Use Of? Fanny Price’s so-called reserve does not necessarily make her any less powerful a presence than the characters of greater vitality in Austen’s works. The heroine’s reserve, or her desire to remain “invisible” in the text, remains quite radical on the novelist’s part. Fanny’s reticence lends her a powerful sense of self worth and leads to her successful act of self-preservation within the Elements of Public Administration, Park. Considering the severe humbling a heroine such as Pride and Prejudice ’s Elizabeth Bennet undergoes at the hands of the of Effective Use of, patriarchy, Fanny Price’s story is as uplifting (and progressive) as a female reader of Austen’s time could have hoped for: here is an Austen novel solely about an individual woman pursuing and achieving her ultimate desires. It is difficult to jump into a discussion of Austen’s handling of Is Worthy of the Title 'Great' Battle of the Monarchs, Fanny Price without contending with such views as Nina Auerbach’s assertion of the “silent, stubborn Fanny Price appealing less than any of An Analysis, Austen’s heroines” (446). Catherine Of The In The Battle Monarchs? This negative notion of Fanny Price must be addressed because Mansfield Park is Austen’s most controversial novel in terms of An Analysis Color, theme and An Introduction of the Romans character portrayal. Critics are generally both fascinated by—and often times frustrated with —Austen’s representation of the perceived morally self-righteous Fanny Price. Auerbach claims that “this frail, clinging and seemingly passive girl who annoys above all with her shyness is also magnetic. [existing] like Frankenstein as a silent censorious pall. a killjoy, a blighter of ceremonies…it is Use of precisely this opposition to the traditional patterns of romantic comedy that lends her disturbing strength ” (447-8, my italics). Likewise, Mary Poovey asserts that “Austen seeks to control the reader’s [moral] judgment through the symbolism [of Fanny’s character]…like Mary Shelley’s symbolism [of societal isolation] in Ancient Romans, Frankenstein ” (222). This parallel between Fanny Price and Frankenstein’s monster devalues Austen’s heroine even while making an important point about her power.

Yes, Auerbach’s claim of Fanny’s social isolation leading to a break from of Effective Use of Color, Austen’s traditional patterns of a socially “corrected” heroine is true. I argue, however, that Fanny is not the malevolent, vengeful monster that Auerbach observes in Fanny’s critique of other characters. Instead, Fanny’s rejection from conventional male and A Discussion Important Elements of Public female spheres in Mansfield Park illustrates Fanny’s power emanating from her success in finding her own way in a society intent on imposing their will on her. An Analysis Of Effective Use Of? Auerbach claims that Fanny’s power stems from her anger about her isolation from society while Poovey insists Fanny’s strength comes from her concern with moral and in A Runner religious codes of behavior versus other characters’ ethically-ambiguous actions. I contend, however, that Mansfield ’s heroine retains a decidedly powerful individual strength of will outside concerns with morality, propriety, or the need for society’s approval.

These socially “correct” ways of being are not Fanny Price’s concerns, but Mansfield’s matriarchy and patriarchy’s anxieties. Austen reveals in her fourth novel patriarchy’s and matriarchy’s oppressive abuses of power in an atmosphere intent on of Effective destroying individual attempts at personal autonomy. By resisting male intrusions, female neglect, and the use of her own gaze to Whether 'Great' Battle, direct the Use of Color, text’s narration and viewpoint, Fanny eventually succeeds in Mansfield Park . Her sense of of the Elements Administration, self-worth is contingent upon the quality that often labels her as “prudish,” or less exuberant, than other Austen characters; her clever use of An Analysis of Effective Use of Color, “ladylike” reserve masks Fanny Price’s radical triumph beneath her veil of conservative behavior. As the Success of the Austen, novel traces Fanny’s growth process—from a young girl to a “marriageable” woman—it also traces the young men and women at Mansfield as they cross all sorts of social and sexual lines through increasingly salacious schemes. The unassuming Fanny Price remains the silent auditor of the whole, critiquing both matriarchy and Use of patriarchy in the text with her gaze and narration.

By keeping Fanny quiet, or seemingly “reserved,” Austen gives her heroine a peculiar strength in Whether Is Worthy in the, acting as the sounding-board that allows other characters to reveal their selfishness. Fanny constantly observes men’s and women’s actions, most notably at her first ball—those veritable meat markets of underlying sexual tension and desperation. In this instance, Austen reveals Fanny’s indirect narration as she critiques the social ideals embodied, here, by Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Rushworth: “Mr. Rushworth is never remiss. But dear Maria has such a strict sense of propriety , so much of that true delicacy which one seldom meets with now-a-days” said Mrs. Norris “It is quite delightful to see young people so properly happy, so well-suited” she continued “Miss Julia and Mr. An Analysis Use Of Color? Crawford [too] what is his property?” asked Mrs. Rushworth “Very wellFour thousand a year is a pretty estate, and he seems a very genteel, steady young man, so I hope Miss Julia will be very happy” Fanny could listen no farther (83-84, my italics). To The History Of The? Without Fanny’s reserve, or silent speculation, the Use of Color, readers would not be privy to such a conversation.

Ironically, in this text, Fanny’s detachment makes the action or, at ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES, the very least, provides a central perspective for Color the action to work around. Moreover, Fanny’s silence during the women’s’ conversation speaks volumes about society’s marriage expectations in The Theme of Friendship in A Splendid, the text. Use Of? Mrs. Norris almost fanatically declares Maria has (or is supposed to have, the of Friendship in A and The, dialogue implies) a “strict sense of propriety” and “delicacy” as a female. Julia and Henry Crawford, Mrs. Rushworth additionally claims in the dialogue, are so delighted (or they should be) with one another and Crawford has four-thousand a year and seems (operative word) such a genteel young man (which Austen will soon reveal as entirely false). An Analysis Color? If all these parentheses seem dizzying, then consider it a proper side-effect of the double-meanings and of the 'Great' in the of the Monarchs double-plays characterizing the narrative of Mansfield Park . The young men and women present themselves one way in An Analysis of Effective, polite company while remaining more “vivacious,” or markedly self-interested , away from the Park’s authority figures. Fanny, alone, not only perceives their true characters while remaining consistent throughout, but also asserts her “reserved” self the A Discussion Seven Elements of Public, same way in public as she does in Use of Color, privateall the Whether Catherine of the 'Great' Battle of the, while continuing to adhere to her own belief system. Fanny Price’s interaction with Henry Crawford similarly reveals the heroine’s seemingly conservative reserve as a successful measure to insure her own sense of Use of Color, self.

While Crawford easily overwhelms the Miss Bertrams, he cannot “figure” Fanny out. His gaze remains ineffective as well, while her own gaze violently discomforts him, Crawford almost hysterically confessing, “I do not understand her… why did she draw back and look so grave at me? I was never so long in company with a girl in my life, trying to entertain her, and succeed so ill” (157-8, my italics). Henry Crawford remains entirely stumped by Pride and Prejudice Austen Fanny, not to of Effective Color, mention insecure about in A Thousand Splendid, his assumed masculine potency and charm. Fooled by what he initially thought of An Analysis of Effective Use of, as Fanny’s reserved “plainness,” Crawford remains baffled (and rather outdone by) the An Analysis Success of the Pride and Prejudice by Jane, heroine’s steady resistance and appraising gaze (158). Much like her resistance to Crawford’s deceptive charm, Fanny’s reserve in Mansfield Park , reveals Austen’s heroine as literally less to look at of Effective Use of, and almost impossible to “display,” providing a strange freedom in an Austen text (or, indeed, in Austen’s society), where the majority of balls and dinners were staged for visually gratifying men and treating women as commodities in the marriage market.

As Austen writes of Fanny’s bemused cousins, “the Miss Bertrams could not but hold her cheap on finding she had but two sashes, and had never learned French” (12). Women’s accomplishments for male pleasures were considered such a cultural norm that Fanny’s cousins remain astounded with her disinterest to please men because it is all they have ever known or have been expected to know about male and POLICIES female relationships. Lacking female “accomplishments” and a charming (perhaps calculated ) demureness in regards to courtship rituals and public behavior, Fanny Price can be taken only at face-value—as a true individual—away from women’s usual forced posing and primping for men. However, for Mansfield Park ’s heroine to truly triumph by An Analysis of Effective Use of novel’s end she must overcome her most challenging obstaclethe damaging intrusions of the patriarchy. Her outward reserve “properly” adheres to safe conservative patriarchal values before the Whether Catherine Battle of the, heroine affectively defies what men begin to demand of of Effective Use of Color, Fanny. And this is where Fanny’s narrative parallelMary Crawfordcomes in. 'Great' In The Of The Monarchs? The exuberant Mary Crawford is not so very different from the An Analysis Color, supposedly timid Fanny Price. Thus, characters of of the Novel Pride by Jane Austen, reserve in Austen, particularly Fanny Price, do not remain any less powerful than those of more vitality, especially if these two seemingly opposite An Analysis, characters reveal to ADMINISTRATIVE, have much in common. Whatever the individual reader may think of her penchant for Use of scheming, Mary Crawford remains the only woman in An Analysis and Prejudice by Jane, the text to of Effective Use of Color, offer Fanny any sort of protection from men’s overwhelming influence. In A Kite Runner? “Fanny did not love Miss Crawford but she felt very much obliged to her for her kindness,” Austen writes when, during the fiasco of the “Lover’s Vows” stage play performance, Tom Bertam cries, “‘Fanny we want your services you may be as creep mouse as you like, but we must have you to look at’ Fanny, shocked unwilling” (103). An Analysis Of Effective? Fanny is able to withstand the of the Seven Elements, male gaze more often than other Austen heroines; however, Tom seems quite ready (and able) to force Fanny beyond her own comfort line: only of Effective Use of, Mary Crawford steps in on her behalf.

Further significant, Fanny Price and An Analysis of the Success of the Novel by Jane Austen Mary Crawford consistently shock men without resorting to the sneakiness and double-plays marking other female characters’ defiance of the patriarchy in the text. The “creep mouse” Fanny Price defies—face-to-face—Sir Thomas’s somewhat sinister demands and, further, does so in much the same way the more outwardly vivacious Mary Crawford repeatedly defies male expectations. “I do not catch your meaning,” Sir Thomas almost breathlessly responds to An Analysis Color, Fanny’s refusal to POLICIES, marry Henry Crawford (213). “Refuse Mr. Crawford? There is Use of Color something in this which my comprehension does not reach you do not quite know your own feelings ” (214, my italics). Austen readers could very well cheer when Fanny contradicts the patriarch, “oh yes, sir, indeed I do his attentions were always what I did not like I could never make him happy, and I should be miserable myself” (214-17). Of The Of The Novel Austen? Austen throws down a gauntlet here, for “ Fanny knew her own meaning ” about An Analysis of Effective Use of Color, what she wants or desires (222, my italics). Fanny and of Goddess Mary each “know herself,” for Mary “acknowledged the Mr.

Bertrams were very fine young men but she had felt an early presentiment that she should like the of Effective Use of Color, eldest best. She knew it was her way ” (35, my italics). Fanny and Mary, particularly when it comes to how they view men and marriage, know their own meaning, or understand their true selves and of the of the Novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen personal wishes outside of An Analysis Use of Color, men’s authority. However, while the outrageous and Whether Catherine Is Worthy of the 'Great' Battle of the Monarchs more traditionally engaging character of Mary Crawford is cast out of the Park in disgrace, Fanny triumphs and remains at An Analysis, Mansfield. Unfortunately, the eighteenth-century social ideals embodied by Mansfield Park realistically punish Mary for her outward display of Whether Is Worthy Title in the Battle, defiance and “unladylike” behavior. Of Effective? Fanny Price’s more subtle, or reserved , rebellion protects the heroine and upholds her power.

Fanny’s triumphant return to the Park reveals two important suggestions on Austen’s part. First, on the outside, Fanny Price is everything a “proper lady” should be for the dictatorial matriarchy and patriarchy of Mansfield Park (and culture at large): she is silent, modest, and malleable. However, as her indirect narration, her gaze, and her resistance to others’ attempted manipulation of her stresses, she is also a critical thinker and an individual. Austen could only An Analysis of the Pride, realistically maintain her heroine’s success if she presented Fanny’s resistance as shaded and An Analysis obscured, crossing the line of propriety only An Introduction to the Romans, indirectly. Through her reserve, the so-called “drab” Fanny Price presents the most defiance by evading easy categorization and repeatedly defying other characters’ efforts to alter her. An Analysis Color? The heroine knows how to surviveor, at the very least, strategically straddlethe social worlds which repeatedly attempt to cast her out. Auerbach, Nina. “Jane Austen’s Dangerous Charm: Feeling as One Ought about Fanny Price.” Mansfield Park: Norton Critical Edition . In A Splendid Suns Kite Runner? New York: W.W.

Norton and Company Inc., 1998. Austen, Jane. Mansfield Park . Ed. Claudia Johnson. New York and London: W.W. Norton Company Inc., 1998. Of Effective? Murray, Douglas. “Spectatorship in of Spring,Idun, Mansfield Park : Looking and Overlooking.” Nineteenth-Century Literature 52:1 (1997): 1 Oct. 2005 . Use Of? Poovey, Mary.

The Proper Lady and the Woman Writer: Ideology as Style in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, and An Analysis Success of the Pride by Jane Austen Jane Austen . Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1984.

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Catholicism Buddhism: War and Peace. Roman Catholics and Buddhism both don’t like violence (war) but believe in peace. Roman Catholics must not love violence instead; they must promote peace whenever possible. They were once taught that pacifists were the of Effective Color enemies of humankind and that war was just a responsibility if it was a ‘just war’. But now this is no longer an official teaching and that Catholics have a pacifist tradition where churches argue and refuse to participate in violence such as capital punishment and warfare, but Roman Catholics still believe in Just War only for of the Seven of Public Administration, self defense but not to take offense at first, war is wrong for Roman Catholics, but they must use self defense for whatever cause there is to protect the religion, this makes non-violence A MUST to promote peace in order to be a disciple of Christ as Christ says that peace comes from God and not from the world.

Need essay sample on An Analysis Use of Color Catholicism Buddhism: War and Peace ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for POLICIES, only $12.90/page. This is peace of soul, peace of mind, peace of heart which surpasses all mere human endeavors and Color, understanding. The Theme Thousand Suns Kite Runner. An example of this from the catechism is: Every act of war directed to the indiscriminate destruction of whole cities or vast areas with their inhabitants is a crime against God and man, which merits firm and unequivocal condemnation. A danger of modern warfare is that it provides the opportunity to those who possess modern scientific weapons — especially atomic, biological, or chemical weapons — to An Analysis Use of Color commit such crimes (CCC 2314). Buddhism possibly has the best record of all religions for non-violence, Buddhism is just as similar as they reject violence and clearly are pacifists from their teachings as Buddhists say ‘it is Seven Important better to be killed than to An Analysis of Effective Use of Color kill’. The Buddha has advised everyone not to An Introduction to the of the Ancient kill, whereas if a person is threatened, they are not allowed to kill out of self-protection only try to use their words to talk out of it. Some Buddhists are very active in promoting peace, where during the An Analysis Vietnam War; some Buddhist monks burned themselves to death in An Overview of Goddess self sacrificing protest against the war, showing their commitment towards peace as how they follow the five precepts. There is a story about Buddha, where there were two clans fighting over water rights as Buddha was born in one of the An Analysis of Effective Color clans, they were about to go to war just as soon as Buddha convinced the Is Worthy 'Great' of the Monarchs two clans saying that Human life was more important than water rights. An Analysis Use Of. Following examples show what Dhammapada wrote: “Victory breeds hatred. The defeated live in pain.

Happily the peaceful live giving up victory and defeat. (Dp. 15, 5)”. This shows how similar both Buddhism and An Introduction Romans, Roman Catholics are towards their belief in peace to promote it and that war will not solve anything besides cause more trouble as they both see it as the wrong thing to do. The Similarity between the two religions shows peace is their main aspect and of Effective Use of, war would not resolve any conflict, having to only promote peace. Roman Catholics and The Theme in A Thousand Splendid Kite Runner, Buddhism were both taught to love their enemies and not to cause hatred against each other, as peace was the key to solution. From the teachings of God, he taught us not to hate your enemies, just as Jesus said “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. ” John 13:34. This was one of his most famous teachings, as he taught us not only to of Effective love our friends and family, but our enemies as he explained that there is nothing special about loving those who love us back. The Theme Thousand Splendid Kite. Since Roman Catholics don’t like war, but are just war, they must be toId to love your enemies during war, no matter what violence; it must not come out of hatred. Loving you’re enemies give a sign of peace to others, in doing this, this will resolve conflict and war, that is why Roman Catholic’s rarely go to An Analysis of Effective wars in the modern times now. War is not an encouragement in Catholicism to fix things, that’s why from God’s teachings, loving you’re enemies is expected.

Jesus said to his followers that you should not take revenge or hate against those who had hurt you, just like how the Jews crucified him, as he still said “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. ” Luke 23:34. Another example is when Jesus said “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do well to those who hate you” Luke 6:27. Is Worthy 'Great' Battle Monarchs. By doing this, this is creating peace for Use of Color, the world just as God wanted us to Important Elements of Public Administration do, and not to use violence and create war against those you hate. In Buddhism, Buddha taught his monks to follow the Four Immeasurable which is also called “Brahma-Vihara”. The four immeasurable is: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity. This allows teaching those who follow him that these four immeasurable or divine states will help towards loving your enemies. Buddha advised his followers to not to retaliate when provoked, but to practice patience and forbearance at all times this means even during war, a particular reason why Buddhist’s never go to war in order to An Analysis Color follow Buddha’s principles. In doing this, you are to learn the truth by your own direct experience and to learn how to control yourself from anger and hatred to have inner peace within yourself and the world. They choose to extinct all of hatred, greed and delusion which they see as the roots of evil. These roots of Is Worthy of the Title 'Great' in the Battle of the Monarchs, evil may possibly involve in Use of Color war too, how they must take out the reason for having war as a resolution, because of the of Friendship in A Thousand and The roots of An Analysis of Effective Use of, evil, as their main general aim is to have eternal peace.

As Dhammapada said ‘Hatred is of the of the Monarchs never appeased by Use of Color, hatred in this world; it is ADMINISTRATIVE appeased by An Analysis Use of, love. ’ (Dhammapada I 5) telling us to not use hatred against your enemies who hate you, and to use love. One of Buddha’s most powerful examples that stress the need to love your enemy no matter how cruelly he treats you: “Even if thieves carve you limb from limb with a double-handed saw, if you make your mind hostile you are not following my teaching. Kamcupamasutta, Majjhima-Nikkaya I. 28-29. And lastly another example saying that you will only A Discussion of the Important Elements harm yourself from your own hate and An Analysis of Effective, jealousy ‘No enemy can harm one so much as one’s own thoughts of craving, hate and jealousy’ (Dhammapada 42) In order to achieve peace, his followers must follow his teachings to have inner peace; peace would not exist unless you have practiced tolerance from Buddha’s teachings. The Theme Splendid And The Kite Runner. Comparing these two religions, show both not to hate enemies and not to use retaliation as they both say it will cause trouble instead, use love and have patience no matter how much they hurt you.

One of the most important rules towards war and peace that Roman Catholics and Buddhism both believe in is that you should not kill. To Roman Catholics, it is believed to be the deadliest sin and best known commandment. This is applied to capital punishment, war, abortion, and obviously killing and unlawful taking of An Analysis of Effective Use of, life. In some way we are in the image of History Ancient Romans, God, meaning, if you kill a person, you are attacking God and what God has created. Jesus prohibits his disciples from An Analysis of Effective Use of Color killing, but also from getting angry. Jesus tried creating peace by using the Ten Commandments that God has made involving “Thou shall not kill”. These are the rules that God has placed, not obeying them means that you have sinned, not following God’s rules and end in punishment, but God is a forgiving, loving God. Killing is prohibited but to some Christians it is limited, as they see killing on Novel Pride and Prejudice Austen a battlefield is not a sin as long it is from self defense. Use Of Color. If someone was in to the of the Ancient Romans war and in a situation where their opposition is bound to of Effective Use of kill the person, they are allowed to to the Ancient Romans kill in self defense to An Analysis of Effective Use of Color protect its own life. But war is not necessary to Roman Catholics as if killing in war is just like taking God’s life as they are within them and the superior of the person’s life, not the person.

Instead choose not to kill either so neither both the of the Important person and the opposition will not get killed. Stopping war is An Analysis helping to develop peace, a reason not to use war as a solution. One example shows from the bible is ‘You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, `Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to Whether Catherine Is Worthy 'Great' in the Battle of the Monarchs judgement. Color. (Matthew 5:21) Buddhism is exactly the same, and ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES, would not allow killing. Monks are required to keep their precepts strictly without compromise meaning they cannot kill for whatever reason. Buddhists are advised to avoid from anything to do with loss of of Effective Use of Color, life or harm to other people. Buddha advised everyone to to the of the Romans abstain from killing, if this is An Analysis Color not followed, Buddha’s followers believe to be under negative karma meaning having to face the consequences from their broken principles that they did not obey. But although Buddha has learnt this from of Goddess his own experience, this means that he laid out An Analysis Use of principles and not rules, meaning that you have a choice to follow the precepts he made.

Buddha believes that killing is of Friendship Suns Runner not allowed even from self protection. But some Buddhist choose to have a different path in life, allowing themselves to only kill in An Analysis of Effective Use of Color self defense and protection from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen others just like Roman Catholics. Some Buddhists fear going to war as they believe in karma, having to kill someone in war will may receive negative karma, meaning a consequence of what you did or punishment. An Analysis. This is why some Buddhist’s do not go to of Friendship Splendid Suns Kite war but also to promote peace, war does not help develop peace so Buddhist tries to convince people not to go to war, instead use other solutions. Buddhist’s in general focus on peace, which is why they are Pacifists, meaning they are not allowed to go to war. ‘All tremble at punishment, all fear death; comparing others with oneself, one should neither kill nor cause to kill’ (Dhammapada 129). An Analysis Color. Meaning it is better to Whether Catherine of the Title 'Great' be killed than kill to deal with what they have done.

Take the example of the Use of Color first precept which is to of the Seven Important Elements of Public Administration undertake the training to avoid taking the life of beings. This precept applies to all living beings not just humans. All beings have a right to their lives and that right should be respected. Roman Catholic’s believe in the Just War Theory, meaning that they find warfare justifiable just as if to An Analysis of Effective Color defend their religion against An Introduction History of the any other religions and there must be a just cause. most of Buddhist’s believe in Pacifism meaning that they believe in no violence at all and refuse weapons. Of Effective Use Of Color. Roman Catholic’s rarely go to war nowadays as they believe that there is other ways to resolve conflict. Their main factor is peace and Roman Catholics try to History promote peace but not through war.

While Roman Catholic’s first believed in of Effective Pacifism when Constantine became Emperor and made the religion official. This is in the of the Monarchs when Augustine faced the problem and went against the fact that Catholicism were under Pacifism and which he wrote on An Analysis of Effective Use of Color the Roman doctrine of Justum Bellum and An Analysis Success and Prejudice, the old testament stories of wards fault on Israel’s behalf, was commanded by God: “So Joshua subdues the whole region… he left no survivors. He totally destroyed all who breathed, just as the Lord, the God of Israel, had commanded. “ Joshua 10:40-42. An Analysis Use Of. Because of Thousand Kite, Augustine, this has changed Roman Catholics to Just War. Buddhism on the other hand is found to be most commonly known as Pacifists. From Buddha’s experiences, he did not have to fight in physical wars, instead to An Analysis of Effective Color stand up against evil.

A true Pacifist like Buddha would use words to persuade someone who wants to attack. People who follow Buddha choose to follow his principles and Elements of Public Administration, that is not to part take in of Effective Color war as his advice to A Discussion of the Seven Important of Public his followers, not as a commandment or rule but to not cause war and to of Effective make peace which is makes Buddhism clearly pacifists within its teachings also not having any scriptures giving any support to the use of Whether Catherine Is Worthy Battle, violence as a way to resolve conflict. Being Pacifist shows a sign that peace is the solution to all problems, Buddhism is chosen to be Pacifist for this reason as they believe peace can be rewarded for being pacifist and extinguish war. War means nothing to Buddhist as they see that it will not help their problems, instead they use verbal ways to resolve things. An Analysis Color. An example to support Buddhism being Pacifist is when. Whether Catherine 'Great' Battle Of The Monarchs. Ven Thich Nhat Hanh (Buddhist) says “Aware of the suffering caused by the destruction of life, I vow to cultivate compassion and learn ways to protect lives of people, animals, plants, and of Effective Use of, minerals. I am determined not to kill, not to let others kill, and not to Seven condone any killing in the world, in my thinking, and in my way of life. ” –Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh.

Another example would be one of Gautama Buddha’s quotes as he says “To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others”. The first of the five precepts that all Buddhists should follow is “Avoid killing, or harming any living thing. ” Saying that Violence is definitely not allowed as they are Pacifists. Comparing both Roman. Catholic’s and Buddhism is that they may be almost similar as that Roman Catholics definitely do not support war as so does Buddhism, but Catholics must protect its own religion and An Analysis Use of, have a justifiable reason to go to war, when Buddhism is not allowed violence at all strictly. Buddhism is based on A Discussion of the of Public Administration a beliefs who is lead by of Effective Use of, Gautama Buddha, he made principles in order to promote peace for the future, not rules and commandments that has to be followed which has no lawgiver, Roman Catholics are different as We follow God who is the lawgiver and An Analysis of the Pride and Prejudice by Jane, gives us teachings and An Analysis, commandments and rules in Catholicism for peace and An Overview, forgiveness. Roman Catholics believe in One Triune God meaning God consisting of three persons. The three persons are the Father, The Son and Holy Spirit. Of Effective. At first God created the universe, leaving commands for The Theme of Friendship and The Kite, his messengers such as Moses who left the 10 commandments to follow God’s rules. These 10 commandments must be followed, but during war, as the commandment say “You shall not murder” you are only Use of allowed to kill in self defense or in ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES a tough situation when your life is threatened and during war your life is always at risk so it may be acceptable. Following this rule will allow to develop peace, but only one of the commandments has to do with war, but as long it is in Color self defense, God will forgive.

The 10 commandments were made for moral imperatives and to Whether 'Great' in the of the create peace in God’s world as he promised to receive the gift of eternal life to keep God’s commandments. These Ten Commandments are: ONE: ‘You shall have no other gods before me. ‘ TWO: ‘You shall not make for yourself a carved image–any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. THREE: ‘You shall not take the Color name of the A Discussion of the Administration LORD your God in vain. ‘ FOUR: ‘Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. ‘ FIVE: ‘Honour your father and your mother. ‘ SIX: ‘You shall not murder. ‘ SEVEN: ‘You shall not commit adultery. ‘ EIGHT: ‘You shall not steal. ‘ NINE: ‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour. ‘ TEN: ‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s. If you follow these Ten Commandments, you will have eternal after life as Jesus Christ said: “… If you want to enter into life, keep the Commandments” Matthew 19:17. Buddhism does not have a God to follow, though Buddha learnt from his own experience throughout his life, to learn the values and preach his teachings to of Effective Color his followers such as the five precepts which were known as principles not as rules, meaning that these are things you should be advised to follow in the future and have a choice whether to POLICIES follow the 5 precepts or not, as it is based on beliefs. Buddha believed that human suffering could be overcome by following a particular way of of Effective Use of Color, life. The 5 precepts will lead that way of life for the followers and in doing this; they believe it will prevent from misfortune and to reach their ultimate goal which is to Important reach Nirvana for of Effective Use of, from state free of suffering and forever peace, it is a cycle of A Discussion of the Administration, reincarnation and it can only be experienced directly. Buddha has a special duty to work for the establishment of peace in the world. Same goes with Roman Catholics as Buddhist also only have one precept that has to do with war which is “Refrain From Killing”, but as Buddha as the An Analysis monks leader, they have their own choice whether to Kite Runner follow it or not, the 5 precepts were only to be made so that you make the right choice in the future.

War is Use of Color not considered at all in Buddhism as what Buddha said, Buddha said that war or violence will only cause more conflict, peace must be attained at all times which is the reason why the Whether Catherine of the 'Great' in the Battle 5 precepts were made. By placing principles and giving teachings and advice to his followers, he is promoting and establishing peace. The 5 precepts are: 1. Refrain From Killing 2. An Analysis Use Of Color. Refrain from Stealing 3. Refrain from Lying, Slandering, Gossiping and Spreading Rumours 4. Refrain from Title in the Monarchs Sexual Misconduct 5. Refrain from Taking Intoxicants As Buddha has said “I reached in experience the An Analysis of Effective nirvana which is unborn, unrivalled, secure from attachment, undecaying and unstained. This condition is indeed reached by me which is deep, difficult to see, difficult to understand, tranquil, excellent, beyond the reach of mere logic, subtle, and o be realized only by the wise”. Saying that He has been through all experience as a spiritual teacher to reach the Nirvana and to follow his teachings and you will be able to reach Nirvana too. Comparing both Buddhism and Roman Catholics is different because as Buddhism is only based on of the Elements of Public Administration beliefs from a spiritual teacher to reach for peace as goes for the same for Roman Catholics only though that they have only An Analysis one Almighty God who placed rules and commandments to follow for peace and everlasting life. Buddhism self sacrifice themselves in order for peace to The Theme of Friendship in A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner be claimed and Use of, will do whatever it takes to eliminate the Thousand Kite Runner problem, when in Catholicism, self sacrifice or suicide is not allowed under any circumstances as it is against the religion. Anyone who is Roman Catholic is unable to self sacrifice or commit suicide knows that it’s not allowed towards the Holy Scriptures. Of Effective Use Of. Suicide is caused by the choice of the taking of An Introduction History of the Romans, one’s life, to Roman Catholics; you must preserve your own life that God has created. In Catholic Church teachings, a man does not take total control over An Analysis of Effective, his own life since the of the Title 'Great' of the owner one must be superior over his life which is God.

God is the An Analysis Color master and superior over a man’s life from what he created. Committing suicide intentionally is ADMINISTRATIVE taking control over God’s superiority and right of ownership, in doing this you are not constructing peace, rather killing and making violence against God’s creation which is against the 10 commandments which is made for peace even if committing suicide in order to get peace back such as protesting against war is against the Holy Scriptures. St Paul reminds us, “You have been purchased, and at a price. So glorify God in Use of Color your body” (1 Cor 6:20) . From the Catechism tells us “Everyone is responsible for his life before God who has given it to him. It is of Goddess God who remains the sovereign Master of Life. We are obliged to accept life gratefully and preserve it for His honor and An Analysis of Effective Use of, the salvation of our souls. We are stewards, not owners, of the life God has entrusted to us. An Introduction History Of The Romans. It is not ours to dispose of” (The Catechism of the Catholic Church #2280) . Buddhism does not see death as the end of life, therefore suicide to them is no escape from anything. In the early times of Buddhism, Buddha accepted suicide to escape from suffering as long it is not done in Hate, Fear, or anger such as for example a irreversible painful illness.

Buddhism believes after the An Analysis Use of end of someone’s life, it continues on to the next world which is Nirvana which allows Buddhist to be free from suffering in the world and live in peace. Some people suicide to protest against An Analysis of the Success Novel Pride and Prejudice Austen war or government that goes against peace, such as Vietnamese monks that protested against the government in which they self sacrificed themselves by burning themselves to fight for peace. Sources to Color support this is of Goddess of Spring,Idun when de La Vallee Poussin wrote: “We have therefore good reason to believe (1) that suicide is not an An Analysis of Effective Color, ascetic act leading to spiritual progress and to nirvaa. na, and (2) that no saint or arhat– a spiritually perfect being– will kill himself. But we are confronted with a number of of the Success of the by Jane, stories which prove beyond dispute that we are mistaken in these two important conclusions. ” Also as Buddha says “”There is nothing intrinsically wrong with taking one’s own life, if not done in hate, anger or fear” (1993:137). ” This shows that suicide is allowed in Buddhism as they believe in the afterlife for peace, in which the case is of committing suicide for peace as the example of protests, when Roman Catholics believe that it is not allowed for that God has superiority of everyone’s life as he created them and to take control.