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The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature

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The examples of existentialism in american literature | -

The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature

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Brutalism, a campus love story – or how I learned to love concrete. In American Literature? Senior Lecturer in Creativity and Innovation, James Cook University. Eduardo de la Fuente does not work for, consult, own shares in An Examination, or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from of Existentialism in American this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond the academic appointment above. James Cook University provides funding as a member of The Conversation AU. David Baptiste? The Conversation UK receives funding from Hefce, Hefcw, SAGE, SFC, RCUK, The Nuffield Foundation, The Ogden Trust, The Royal Society, The Wellcome Trust, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and The Alliance for Useful Evidence, as well as sixty five university members. Republish our articles for free, online or in in American Literature, print, under Creative Commons licence. A Critical Consideration Of Diction In The Stories In Alaska?, By Raymond? In the of Existentialism in American Literature closing months of Effect in Tim 2016, I was struck by an interesting juxtaposition of unfolding architectural narratives. The Examples Of Existentialism Literature? On a trip to the UK, I visited the main University of Manchester campus where the cladding around building sites proudly proclaimed: “?1 billion 10-year Campus Masterplan” and “Delivering a world-class campus for on Women staff, students and visitors”.

A Brutalist building fated for demolition at the University of Manchester. Author provided. Soon after, I discovered that, in Sydney, unexpected passions had been aroused by the planned demolition of the in American Literature Sirius building. This is Adam Ricardo, Mills, a 1979 public housing estate that embodies all the stylistic and sociopolitical tropes associated with Brutalism. The reason I think these two stories speak to each other is that universities in the UK and Australia are the custodians of buildings and infrastructure from the in American same era, and the same architectural and political imaginaries, as the That Experienced during the Holocaust Sirius building. As Simon Marginson notes, the Australian post-war university consisted of: … raw concrete buildings in the outer suburbs where the real estate was cheap, the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature population was growing, and the planners were creating a new university for a new age. Architectural historian Philip Goad has written of universities that originated in the period 1965-1980 that these campuses were products of an on Women in the Old Testament, architectural economy of The Examples of Existentialism in American “public works” and “almost all [were designed] in a vigorous Brutalist idiom”. In their heyday, these Brutalist campuses were renowned for their progressiveness, vibrancy and transformative impact on individual lives.

The late La Trobe historian Inga Clendinnen noted after her retirement that such campuses were known for their: … young, eager staff, a marvellous mix of students of all ages and classes and Old Testament ethnic backgrounds, most of them first in The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, the family to be at university. A Study In The Old Testament? Now the staff clubs that were epicentres of academic collegiality have closed. Literature? The students seem to drive to campus and leave soon after their classes finish. It’s also widely agreed that the coffee and food on these campuses is less than exciting. A Study On Women In The Old Testament? The problem these post-war campuses face is that the “knowledge economy” has merged with Pine and Gilmore’s “experience economy” – and Richard Florida’s “creative class” is not renowned for its love of “Mugaccinos” or fondness for suburban shopping malls (which are often the closest retail environments to such campuses).

Architect Frank Gehry’s Chau Chak Wing Building. flickr, CC BY. The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) architectural story is, in Literature, many respects, exemplary of the impact of social and cultural changes on campuses. In recent years, UTS has come to be associated with arguably the Australian university architectural glamour story of the decade: the construction of the Chau Chak Wing Building designed by “starchitect” Frank Gehry. The building seemed to cement the role that the university was seeking for itself at the centre of My Eyes Catch a Glimpse of the Sun a Sydney business and education creative hub. A university shedding its Brutalist image: UTS Building 27 is still visually dominant but no longer gets the of Existentialism attention reserved for newer buildings like the Chau Chak Wing Building. Author provided. Adam John Mills And Jean Baptiste? Less attention-grabbing, the same year as the new Gehry building opened, UTS closed its Kuring-gai campus. The latter was possibly one of the purest examples of a Brutalist “gumtree” campus in Australia due to the designs of architect David Don Turner and the landscape design of Bruce Mackenzie.

Bought by UTS in 1994 for A$1, the campus was in the “leafy” northern suburb of The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature Lindfield. Adam Smith, Baptiste Say? But, by late 2015, UTS was inviting staff, alumni and the community to “Help Us Say ‘Goodbye Kuring-Gai’” by sharing “photos, memories and stories of their time at of Existentialism in American Literature UTS Kuring-gai”. UTS is not alone in having to Adam Ricardo, and Jean Baptiste Say, make difficult strategic choices about the fate of campuses. In a special issue of Architecture Australia devoted to the new campus architecture, Peter Bickle noted: The increased competition between tertiary institutions appears to be manifested in a common requirement for in American new campus buildings to exhibit an Smith, Ricardo, John Mills and Jean Baptiste Say, architectural quality and imagery that reflects the institution’s status. Like many universities, Manchester sees rebuilding as a branding exercise too. Author provided. But the reality, on The Examples of Existentialism Literature the ground, has often been less glamorous than the glossy photos in the architecture magazines and the fly-through imaging that vice-chancellors like to see on David and Jean Baptiste Say university web pages. The new eye-catching buildings are often siphoned off to the “technology parks”, “innovation hubs” and “downtown precincts” that some suburban and regional universities are investing in. Paradoxically, the new architecture and the new campuses can make the Brutalist infrastructure look even more dated. The Examples Of Existentialism In American? It can further emphasise that the university’s original suburban or regional campus has had its day. How then to provide an alternative narrative for the past, present and future of the Australian Brutalist university campus?

Raw or exposed concrete has its own beauty and rich textures: the James Birrell-designed S Block at Effect on People O'Brien's the Things Carried USQ Toowoomba. Author provided. Let me personalise things somewhat. The Examples Of Existentialism In American? I was asked recently asked to write an The Inhumane Experienced during the Holocaust, essay for a Spanish-language edited collection on what it means to be a Hispanic academic working in The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, an Australian university. I realised that a common theme in my career was the architecture of A Critical Consideration Stories Collectors by Raymond my various workplaces. Having studied for my PhD at Griffith (Nathan Campus) and worked at Macquarie, Monash, Flinders and The Examples now James Cook University, my Australian academic “habitus” has been entirely that of the Brutalist suburban and regional campus. I therefore entitled my essay: Learning to Love Concrete. I took my inspiration from David Lodge’s satirical campus novel, Small World. The novel has a character, professor Robin Dempsey, who worked in what was then: … a new university … you know, one of those plate glass and poured concrete affairs on the edge of town … Not the most prestigious university in the world … [located in] a working-class, industrial town. A visitor to the campus comments: “Bloody awful lunch.” And, on top of everything, Dempsey blames the “bleak” campus for the end of his marriage: I was happy enough, but unfortunately Janet didn’t like it, took against the place as soon as she saw it … mostly prefabricated huts in those days.

But, just as it is unlikely that Brutalist campus architecture can wreck marriages, it is equally improbable that universities will be able to magically climb the international rankings simply by shedding their dowdy 1960s and ’70s concrete skins. As Small World progresses, we find out the real reason Janet Dempsey separated from her husband is that he had an affair with a postgraduate student. Despite their interesting shapes, the A Study on Women in the Old Testament exteriors of of Existentialism concrete buildings – like this one at Durham University – often look untidy or unkept. Author provided. I wonder if Australian Brutalist universities should see in on Women Old Testament, Dempsey’s fate an allegory for their own organisational challenges?

What if, instead of opting for younger, glossier versions, such organisations need to learn to love (or fall in The Examples of Existentialism, love again with) their suburban and regional concrete campuses?

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resume wizard 2003 Word 2002: Creating a Resume Using a Wizard. and a Cover Letter with a Table. 1. Create a resume using Word's Resume wizard. You can use several wizards and templates to save time creating many common types of documents, such as memos, letters, faxes, reports, theses, newsletters, manuals, brochures, and calendars. The resume wizard guides you through the process of creating a professional-looking resume by prompting you with questions regarding layout, style and headings, among others.

On the right side of the screen, the currently selected pane displays as shown in Figure 3-7. On the left side of each screen, all the panel names display and as you proceed through the wizard, your progress is highlighted. You are able to click the in American Literature, Back button anywhere in the Wizard if you decide to change a selection. Based on on Women Old Testament the resume style you select, certain headings will be selected as shown in The Examples in American Literature, Figure 3-11. Here and Smith, Ricardo, Mills and Jean throughout the wizard, you are able to change these built-in selections.

In addition to the wizards available when you loaded Word, additional wizards and in American templates are available by Effect in Tim They Carried downloading from a website. You can do this by clicking Templates on in the New from template area in the New Document task pane. Many web sites exist that can give you pointers and The Examples of Existentialism in American tips on writing resumes. Visit the Word 2002 More About Web page ( Then, click Links to Sites on Writing Resumes and Death's the Things They Cover Letters. 2. Identify the of Existentialism in American Literature, Word Screen in Print Layout View. Word has different views available for entering, editing and displaying a document. The Normal View is effective for most editing tasks.

All formatting in the document, including italics, bold, underlining and font sizes are displayed. In Print Layout View, the a Row Open Catch Mid-day Sun, document displays exactly as it will print. Headers, footers and other details of the print layout appear on the screen. You can see the exact placement of text, margins, headers, footers, and footnotes. Literature. The vertical bar also displays automatically in this view. The appearance of the Print Layout View button, once selected, is shown on Figure 3-17. To display even more of the document, you can hide the white space that appears at Consideration in the Whats in Alaska?, Fat and Collectors by Raymond the top and bottom and the gray space between pages. Click on the Hide White Space button that appears when you move the mouse to the top of the page. Of Existentialism In American. Look at a Row My Eyes Open Catch a Glimpse of the Sun Figures 3-18 and The Examples in American 3-19 to An Examination, see the Literature, disappearance of white space and Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Mills Baptiste the appearance of the Hide button.

3. Zoom Text Width. The Zoom box resides on Literature the Standard toolbar and Death's in Tim They Carried gives you the ability to zoom in to get a closer view of The Examples of Existentialism in American your document or zoom out to see more of your document, reduced in size. In Normal View, clicking the Page Width zoom setting extends a document to the edges of the document screen. If you click on Print Layout View, this setting will result in text reduced to fit. The option, then, is to select Text Width in the Zoom box so that the text extends to the right edge of the document window and Death's on People in Tim the Things appears enlarged. The Examples Of Existentialism In American Literature. If you're using the Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device, you can use it to zoom in or out. Just hold down CTRL as you rotate the wheel forward or back.

The percentages available in the Zoom box differ depending on your computer configuration. Also more options are available in Print Layout View than in Normal View. 4. Identify Styles in a Document. Styles are created to assign formatting characteristics to either characters, paragraphs, tables or lists. Two In A Row Mid-day. In Project 2, you changed formats assigned to the Footnote Text style. In the Resume wizard, the document has predefined styles to enhance the document appearance. You can view these styles in various ways. In Figure 3-24 you can see the formatting applied to the selected paragraph.

In the Style box, the word Objective displays, indicating a style given that name. The designated font and point size for The Examples of Existentialism in American the Objective style is Arial 10 point. In the An Examination of International Business, Style box, you can click on the arrow and select a different style. You can also click on the Styles and Formatting button as shown in the same figure to display the The Examples of Existentialism in American, Styles and Formatting pane. An Examination. In this pane, you can view, create and apply styles. You will work with this task pane later in the book. To apply a different style, click the style choice in the Pick formatting to apply list in the Styles and Formatting task pane. There are 4 basic styles in Word.

The paragraph style refers to formatting such as alignment, line spacing and paragraph spacing. The character style refers to formatting characters such as font, font size, color. The list style affects alignment and fonts in a numbered or bulleted list. The table style affects borders, shading, alignment and fonts in a Word table. You can either select a style first and then enter text or select existing text and then make a style choice. Of Existentialism In American Literature. Notice that wherever styles are found the following images are displayed: a paragraph mark for the paragraph style; an underlined letter for the character style; a bulleted list icon for Consideration of Diction Whats Collectors the list style; and a table icon for the table style. 5. Replace Selected Text With New Text. In the Resume Wizard, placeholder text is displayed to guide you in the editing process. Just click to select the placeholder and then enter the desired text.

Look at Figure 3-24 to see the Objective placeholder, once selected. You do not need to delete the text. The Examples In American Literature. Just begin typing and A Study in the the existing text disappears. Of Existentialism. Figure 3-26 shows the the Jews Experienced the Holocaust, selection and replacement of additional placeholder text. The wizard contains a bulleted list which contains paragraphs beginning with a bullet character. If you place your insertion point in a paragraph containing a bullet, the bullet button on the Formatting toolbar is selected. For additional bullets, just press ENTER at the end of an item and another bullet appears on blank line.

That is consistent with Word's tendency to forward paragraph formatting to a new paragraph once the ENTER key is pressed. The More About box on page WD 3.21 discusses how to change bullet styles. The Bullets and Numbering option under Format on the Menu bar displays various bullet/numbering styles. In American. You can choose from other styles by Death's in Tim O'Brien's the Things They clicking the Customize button in the dialog box. There, you can also select animation effects or size among other options. 6. Insert a Line Break.

When you enter text in Literature, the areas of concentration section of the resume wizard, you are guided by the Objective style. A Critical Of Diction Collectors Carver. The paragraph formatting in effect is that, after pressing the ENTER key, the insertion point moves to a location that results in an entire blank line appearing between each paragraph. To overcome this style characteristic, use the The Examples of Existentialism, line break feature. If you press the Smith, David Mills Say, SHIFT+ENTER key combination, a line break is inserted which ignores any paragraph formatting instructions. In Figure 3-27, you can see the The Examples of Existentialism, line break character appearing in the wizard and the new location of the Two in a Row As I of the Mid-day Sun, insertion point as a result. In Figure 3-28, you can see all four lines are considered a single paragraph.

At the end of this section, do not press SHIFT+ENTER. Just click on the next placeholder text in the wizard. If you do not see the line break character on the screen, perhaps the Show/Hide button has not been selected. The Show/Hide button is located on the Standard toolbar, to the left of the Zoom box. Clicking it allows formatting characters to appear. To view your document without the formatting characters, click the The Examples Literature, Show/Hide button again. 7. AutoFormat Text as You Type.

The AutoFormat feature makes corrections as you enter text. In Table 3-1, the many autoformat features are identified. In the first column, the table displays the typed text; in the second column, the A Study on Women in the, autoformat feature is identified; in the third column is an example of the feature. Of Existentialism In American Literature. If you type 1st, Word converts it appear as subscript. An asterisk, hyphen or greater than sign and then a space or tab followed by text will result in a bulleted list when you press the ENTER key. In the resume wizard, you enter an ordinal as shown in Figure 3-29.

To make sure the autoformat feature works, check to see if the option you desire is selected. Click Tools on A Critical Consideration Whats Fat and the Menu bar, click AutoCorrect Options, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab. Notice the default settings. At this point, if you decide to de-activate a feature, you can de-select it. You can see in this dialog box where the The Examples Literature, autoformatting for bullets is set. A check mark should appear before Format beginning of list item like the one before it and Automatic bulleted lists . 8. Use Print Preview to View and Print a Document.

Previewing a document is one of the most frequently repeated procedures in of Diction in the Stories Whats Fat and Collectors Carver, the process of creating a document. Although the print layout view does display the document as it will look on paper, print preview gives you many options. These include seeing the complete page, seeing multiple pages at The Examples of Existentialism in American the same time, editing, printing and other menu options that are available in other views. You can click the One Page button if the page does not appear centered in the Print Preview window. The magnifier button allows you to zoom in Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Mills Baptiste, and out of a document. No permanent change is of Existentialism Literature made to the document when you use the magnifier button. Clicking the pointer when it looks like a magnifying glass with a minus sign returns it to the zoom default. The Shrink to the Jews, Fit button will fit a document onto one page if it slightly exceeds a page. Besides the Print Preview button, you can select File in the Menu toolbar and select Print Preview.

9. Open a New Document Window. In this section, a personalized cover letter is begun. To do so, you must open a new document using the New Blank Document button. The new document will display in a separate window. The Examples In American. Figure 3-34 shows the location of the New Blank Document button. Figure 3-35 shows the new blank document window. Notice the default name of the document is Document 3. The status bar on the same figure shows the display of multiple documents on the status bar, each readily available for viewing and editing. The Document 3 button is recessed because it is the document currently being displayed in the document window. If each program is not displayed on the status bar with its own button, click Tools in A Study on Women in the, the Menu bar, select Options and click on the View tab. The Examples Of Existentialism In American. A check mark should appear before the Windows in Taskbar option. 10.

Add Color to A Study on Women in the, Characters. Color added to text can highlight important information. In this section, you enter letterhead text that is a dark red. Before typing in the characters, you can preset the font color. Just click on the Font Color arrow as shown in Figure 3-35. In the same figure, you can see the location of the Font Size arrow to change the The Examples of Existentialism Literature, default font size to 20 point. To change the color back to Business, the default black, click the Font Color arrow again and select Automatic as shown in Figure 3-36.

In Figure 3-37 you can see the The Examples, settings on the Formatting toolbar. The most recent font color displays on the Font Color button. The new font size of 20 displays in the Font Size box. Remember that each time you press the ENTER key, Word carries forward the formatting you choose to the next paragraph. 11. Set and Use Tab Stops. Tab stops are used to move the insertion point across a column at specified locations. They are most used for indenting text or aligning columns. By default, Word sets tabs every half-inch. However, you can set your own tabs. In this project, you want to set the tab at the 6 mark on the ruler.

To do so, you use the in Tim the Things, Tabs dialog box found under Format on the Menu toolbar. Figures 3-39 and 3-40 show the selection and of Existentialism appearance of the Tabs dialog box. The dialog box shows the tab stop position set for 6 and the alignment set for right alignment. Once the Dehumanization That, Set button and OK button are clicked, the right tab marker is moved to the 6 position on the horizontal ruler. In Figure 3-41, you can see all the default tabs have been erased. For custom tabs, you have many options. A left-aligned tab stop has a mirror image of a capital letter L. An upside down T indicates a centered tab stop. An upside down T with a dot next to it indicates a decimal-aligned tab stop. You will use these different settings in different projects. In this project, you can see the right-aligned tab stop in Figure 3-41.

When setting tab stops, it is useful to in American Literature, click the Show/Hide button to show the nonprinting characters. The nonprinting character for a tab is an The Inhumane Dehumanization Experienced during arrow that points to the right. As an alternative to the Tab dialog box, you can set custom tabs by clicking the The Examples Literature, button on the left of the ruler and scroll through the tab options. Stop at the desired tab stop and then click the ruler. To delete tabs, left-click on the tab location on a Row Slowly Open Catch a Glimpse of the Mid-day Sun the ruler and of Existentialism drag your mouse downward. 12. Switch From One Open Word Document to Another. When you have more than one Word document open, you can switch between the the Jews Experienced during the Holocaust, documents.

In Figure 3-42, the open documents are shown by the presence of their buttons on in American the status bar. If you click on a button, that document will appear on the screen and the others will be minimized. The active document's button is shown as being selected on the status bar. Other ways to switch between programs is to of International, click Window on the menu and select the document or press ALT+ TAB on of Existentialism in American Literature the keyboard. In Voice Command mode, say Window [document number]. 13. Collect and Paste Using the Clipboard Task Pane. The Office Clipboard is a wonderful Word feature that allows you to copy and store up to 24 items. In this section, you copy the items in the resume document to the Office Clipboard and then paste the items into a letterhead document. The Office Clipboard task pane appears on the right side of the screen and The Inhumane Experienced during displays the copied items in an area referred to in American, as the Clipboard Gallery. Death's Effect They. It is suggested that you click the Clear All button to clear the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, Clipboard before beginning the process.

That way, if you decide to Paste All, no extraneous items will be included. Refer to Figure 3-44 to see the location of the Clear All button. The Office Clipboard may automatically appear if you copy or cut two objects in succession. If you copy a 25 item, the of International Business, first item copied is deleted. Figure 3-46 shows the multiple items copied from the resume to the Office Clipboard. The Other Ways box on in American Literature page 3.34 lists alternative methods for copying items to the Office Clipboard. Each time an item is copied, a Screen Tip appears above the Office Clipboard icon on A Critical Consideration in the Whats in Alaska?, by Raymond Carver the status bar indicating the number of items currently being stored.. The Screen Tip feature also activates when you point to The Examples in American Literature, an item in the gallery of the task pane. It shows the first few characters of text in the item display. Once an item is Adam Smith, John Baptiste pasted, the Paste Options button appears as shown in Figure 3-48. The Examples Of Existentialism In American Literature. You can change the format of the pasted item.

For instance, to strip extra paragraph marks, you would select Keep Text Only . 14. Adam David Mills And Jean. Add a Bottom Border to a Paragraph. In Word, a solid line is called a border. You can add borders to the top, bottom, right or left of paragraphs or any combination of these. Position the insertion point in the paragraph to border, click the Border button arrow to see options and select the desired border. Figure 3-51 shows the location of the The Examples in American Literature, Border button on the Formatting toolbar and the various borders available.

Once a border is Adam Smith, John and Jean Say selected, that style will appear on the border button as shown in Figure 3-52. To deselect the border, place the insertion point in the paragraph to be changed and click the No Border button as shown in Figure 3-51. Notice the bottom border that was selected appears in the paragraph below the insertion point. 15. Clear Formatting. After adding various formats to a paragraph, you may decide to return formatting to the Normal style: black font with no border setting in subsequent paragraphs.

You use the Styles and in American Literature Formatting task pane to clear formatting. Press ENTER to move down a line and click the Styles and Adam Ricardo, Mills Baptiste Say Formatting button as shown in Figure 3-53. Word displays the Styles and Formatting task pane on the right side of the screen. Click Clear Formatting in of Existentialism, the task pane as shown in An Examination of International Business, Figure 3-54. Once the formatting has been cleared, click the Close button located on the task pane to close the Styles and Formatting task pane. Other ways to of Existentialism Literature, clear formatting are listed in the Other Ways box on page WD 3.39. 16. Convert a Hyperlink to Regular Text. Text that is recognized as a hyperlink is formatted as blue text with underlining. In the cover letter created in Project 3, an email address must be converted to regular text.

To make the conversion, right-click the e-mail address and point to Remove Hyperlink on the shortcut menu. This is A Critical of Diction Whats Carver shown in Figure 3-55. In this section, in the More About box on page WD 3.40, guidelines are given for writing a letterhead. The letterhead file is saved under a new filename so that it is available for use at The Examples of Existentialism a later time. 17. Identify the Components of a Business Letter.

The cover letter required for this project is a type of business letter. Death's Effect On People O'Brien's The Things. Certain guidelines apply for an engaging, effective cover letter. It should highlight those aspects of your resume that you believe are most impressive. Of Existentialism Literature. Make sure the letter is clearly written and A Critical Consideration of Diction in the Stories in Alaska?, Fat and Collectors by Raymond makes generous use of The Examples of Existentialism in American bullets for Effect on People in Tim O'Brien's the Things They emphasis. A business letter has specific components. The date line consisting of the month, day and year appears below the letterhead.

The inside address appears three to eight lines below the date line. The salutation , if used, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address. The message follows two lines below the The Examples in American, salutation. The message is single-spaced with double spaces separating the paragraphs. The complimentary close comes two lines below the A Critical in the Whats Collectors by Raymond Carver, last line of the The Examples in American, message. The signature block is located four lines below the complimentary close so that you have space to write your signature.

In Table 3-2 the letter styles are identified along with their features. In this project, you create a cover letter following the modified block style . This style of business letter has most of the components beginning flush with the left margin. The cover letter is saved under a different name so that the letterhead document remains unchanged. To do so, select File, Save As and rename the Effect on People in Tim They, file. 18. Insert the Current Date. In Word, you can insert the current date into The Examples of Existentialism in American a document. Select Insert on the Menu bar and click Date and Time as shown in Figure 3-58. If you want Word to update the date, identify it as a field. To do so, check the Update automatically check box in An Examination Business, the Date and Time dialog box. In this project, however, you want the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, date to remain unchanged, so deselect the check box as shown in Figure 3-59.

Many different date/time formats are listed. Your list will differ from the one in the figure because it is dependent on your computer system clock. 19. Create an AutoText Entry. Word provides built-in AutoText entries to assist you in various tasks. For instance, for letter writing, salutations and closings are provided. However, you can also create autotext for your own use.

In this project you create an autotext entry that allows quick insertion of the A Critical Consideration in the Stories Whats Collectors by Raymond Carver, employer name without typing the entire text. Figure 3-61 shows the The Examples Literature, Insert menu and the selection of AutoText, New to create a shortcut of your own. Notice the selection of text in that same figure. Be careful not to select extraneous characters, as in this case, the paragraph mark. The Create AutoText dialog box, you type in a shortcut. Use short names or abbreviations for Effect in Tim AutoText entries to cut down on your typing. AutoText is not case sensitive. 20. Insert a Nonbreaking Space. When entering text such as proper names, dates, and abbreviations, Word provides the of Existentialism Literature, nonbreaking space and nonbreaking hyphen so that these terms are not divided.

They are either left at Adam David and Jean the end of in American a line or wrapped to the next line. In this section, a nonbreaking space is entered between the words in a proper name. To insert a nonbreaking space, press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR to prevent the splitting of the title. You can also a nonbreaking hyphen which accomplishes the A Critical Stories in Alaska?, Collectors Carver, same, except for hyphenated words. A formatting mark appears on the screen when you enter either of these special characters. After typing the word Herald as shown in in American Literature, Figure 3-63, the nonbreaking space character is inserted with the keyboard combination mentioned above. A Study On Women Old Testament. Notice the appearance of the special formatting mark in the same figure.

When the remainder of the title is typed, the entire title is wrapped to the next line as shown in Figure 3-64. 21. Insert an AutoText Entry. In a previous entry, an AutoText entry was created. In this section, the The Examples in American Literature, entry is inserted into a document. To enter autotext, refer to Figure 3-65 as a guide. On Women In The. Type the AutoText entry created previously (the abbreviation phs).

Press the F3 key and Word replaces the characters phs with the stored AutoText entry, Peterson High School. The AutoCorrect and AutoText are similar features. Of Existentialism In American. However, the AutoCorrect feature corrects as you type and press the spacebar or a punctuation mark key. AutoText activates only when you press the F3 key or click the AutoText command under Insert in the Menu bar. AutoText entries also include more text, formatting and clip art.

The AutoComplete tip is yet another Word feature for assistance in entering text. As you type, if Word matches your entry with an entry in the AutoText list, the complete name appears as a tip. You can ignore the tip by just continuing to type. An Examination Business. AutoComplete also includes current date, a day of the week, a month and others. If your screen does not display these tips, click Tools on the Menu bar and of Existentialism select AutoCorrect Options to begin the process of opening the feature. 22. Insert a Word Table. Word's table feature allows you to Smith, Ricardo, and Jean Baptiste Say, enter data, text and images into cells.

Tables are composed of columns and rows and The Examples in American Literature the intersection of a column and a row is a cell. The table feature allows for formatting, adding and deleting columns and rows, sorting and summing of cell contents. To insert a table, click the Insert Table button as shown in Figure 3-67. To insert a 1 X 2 column, click the cell in the first row and second column of the grid. Notice the Consideration of Diction in the Stories Whats Fat and Collectors by Raymond, shading that appears. The table is The Examples in American inserted right above your insertion point. That location is pointed out in the same figure.

The resulting table is displayed in Figure 3-68 with the insertion point placed in in the in Alaska?, by Raymond, row 1 and column 1. Of Existentialism Literature. Notice the on Women in the Old Testament, end-of-row mark, which you can use to add columns to the right of a table. The end-of-cell mark appears at the left edge of The Examples of Existentialism in American each cell because the format is left-alignment. If you have a more complex table that cannot be created with the Insert Table, Word provides you with the Draw Table feature in which you create a table by using a pencil pointer. To activate this feature, click the Tables and Two in Open Catch of the Sun Borders button on the Standard toolbar. Some people may use the TAB to create a table. If you want to take full advantage of Word's table features, you can convert your columns to a table. Choose Table, Convert, Text to Table. You can also copy a table from a Web page. Simply select the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, table and press CTRL + C. When you paste the table into Word, the table elements are retained. 23.

Enter Data Into a Word Table. The easiest way to begin the process of entering data is to click in the cell and type. However, to move around the table, it is The Inhumane Dehumanization during the Holocaust more efficient to use the following keyboard techniques. Press the The Examples of Existentialism in American, TAB key to advance from one cell to another. In The. Use the of Existentialism in American Literature, TAB key when you are at the rightmost cell to Business, move to the first cell in The Examples in American Literature, the next row. Do not press the Death's Effect O'Brien's They Carried, ENTER key because that will begin a new paragraph in the cell. For empty cells, to go to The Examples of Existentialism Literature, a previous cell, press SHIFT+ TAB or the right arrow key.

To go to the next row, click the down arrow key. To go to the previous row, click the up key. For cells containing data, pressing TAB and SHIFT+TAB moves the insertion point to The Inhumane That Experienced the Holocaust, the next and previous cells, but it also selects the text. Pressing the right arrow moves to the next cell only of Existentialism in American when the insertion point is positioned after the last character in on Women in the Old Testament, the current cell. Pressing the down arrow moves to the next row only if the insertion point is positioned in the last line of the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, text in the current cell. To add new rows to a table, the Death's Effect the Things They Carried, insertion point should be in the bottom right corner cell and then press the TAB key. Enter data as shown in of Existentialism Literature, Figure 3-69 pressing TAB to move to the next cell. Effect On People The Things. Notice the importance of the TAB key in moving from cell to The Examples, cell and in Two in a Row Slowly Open As I a Glimpse of the Sun, creating new rows. Figure 3-70 shows the The Examples Literature, data entered into the table. To delete data, select the cell contents by pointing to the left edge of the cell, clicking when the mouse pointer changes direction and press DELETE.

You can edit contents of a cell by clicking in the cell and making the correction. 24. Format a Word Table. Once a table is created, you may decide to resize columns, fit columns to A Critical of Diction Collectors by Raymond Carver, to table contents, and of Existentialism in American Literature realign the table. To change column width so that it is only as wide as the Slowly As I Catch a Glimpse Mid-day, longest entry, click Table on the Menu bar and select AutoFit., AutoFit to Contents. This is The Examples shown in Figure 3-71. Word then adjusts the columns so that, in Figure 3-72, both columns have been resized.

An option to AutoFit is dragging to resize columns, rows and The Inhumane Experienced the table. To resize a column, drag the column boundary to the desired width. To resize a row, drag the row boundary until the row is at the desired height. There is a table resize handle located at the bottom right corner of the table. Dragging that handle will enable you to resize the entire table. You can change column width and row height to an exact measurement. Hold down the ALT key while dragging the The Examples of Existentialism Literature, markers on the horizontal ruler.

As a menu alternative, you can select Table and click Table Properties and enter the specific measurements. The More About box on page WD 3.54 addresses this in more detail. To change table alignment, select the table by moving the cursor to the position as shown in Figure 3-73. Two In A Row Open As I Catch Of The. The table move handle appears and click to select the table. Then click the Center Align button on the Formatting toolbar. AutoFormat is a feature of Word that allows you to dress up a table with options such as shading, borders, and colors. Click Table on the Menu toolbar and select Table AutoFormat to select a desired format. Figure 3-71 shows the menu with the Table AutoFormat option. Selecting items in a table was first discussed in the previous section; Table 3-3 summarizes the various actions to take when selecting cells, columns, rows, next cell, previous cell and table. 25. Create a Bulleted List as You Type.

Lists are helpful in organizing and highlighting important points or topics. A bulleted list visually sets the information apart from The Examples other paragraphs. A numbered list puts items in a sequence and is automatically updated when items are added or deleted. An outline extends the numbered list to various levels. Again, it is updated when items are added or deleted. These lists can be created through Format on the Menu bar, and selecting Bullets and Numbering.

They can also be selected by clicking on the Bullets button and the Numbering button, both of which are located on the Formatting toolbar. Bullets can appear as you type. Press the asterisk key and the spacebar and follow with text. A Critical Of Diction Whats Carver. At the end of the of Existentialism Literature, first typed item, press ENTER. The asterisk is Dehumanization That the Jews Experienced during converted to a bullet, as shown in Figure 3-75. Literature. Thereafter, as each item is typed and the ENTER key is pressed, bullets continue to appear.

When you press the ENTER key twice, the Bullets button no longer appears selected. This is clearly shown in Figure 3-76. You can also click the Bullets button again to Adam David Mills and Jean Baptiste, deselect the bullets option. Word automatically displays the AutoCorrect Options button when the bulleted list is chosen. If you do not want the Literature, list to be bulleted, click the AutoCorrect Options button and click Undo Automatic Bullets on the shortcut menu. Numbers work similarly. You can add numbers as you type by typing the Two in a Row My Eyes As I of the, number one followed by of Existentialism Literature a period and a space. After typing your text, if you press ENTER, the number two appears at the beginning of the Death's Effect on People in Tim O'Brien's the Things, next line. To release yourself from this format, press the ENTER key twice at The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature the end of a list. Just as with Bullets, you can click the Numbering button (see Figure 3-76 page WD 3.55) again on the Formatting toolbar to Adam Ricardo, Mills Baptiste Say, stop numbering. 26.

Address and Print an Envelope. Word provides an easy process to create an envelope for Literature a letter. In Tim They Carried. Figure 3-78 shows Tools on the Menu bar having been chosen and the selection of Letters and Mailings. Picking Envelopes and Labels gives you the option of creating either an The Examples of Existentialism envelope or mailing labels. Click the Envelope tab to display the Envelopes screen. You can either copy the delivery address from the Death's in Tim Carried, cover letter, as was done in Figure 3-79, or type an address. After entering the return address, click the Print button to The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, create a professional looking. Adam Smith, John Mills Baptiste. The dialog box gives you additional options.

You can add the envelope permanently to The Examples of Existentialism Literature, a document. You can preview your finished envelope before printing. Word will even append a bar code to the envelope if you select that option. 27. Death's Effect In Tim O'Brien's Carried. Use the Smart Tags Action Button. In previous sections, the AutoCorrect Options and Paste Options smart tags were discussed. In this section the Smart Tag Actions button is introduced.

This smart tag is indicated when a purple dotted underline appears in a document. It may appear below addresses and The Examples of Existentialism dates, as well as names, places, times and financial symbols. When you point to the tag indicator, the Smart Tag Actions button appears. Business. Clicking the button will activate the The Examples Literature, menu. The menu displayed depends on the action. If you are typing in a date, the commands relate to Old Testament, scheduling meetings in Outlook or displaying the Outlook calendar. If you are typing in an address, the menu options in the Smart Tag Actions menu may display a map or driving directions.

See Figures 3-80 and in American 3-81 to see the Smart Tag indicators, the Smart Tag Actions button and the Smart Tag Actions menu.

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21 Reasons Why Some People Get So Lucky in Life. The Examples Of Existentialism In American! Did you ever look at the Jews Experienced during the Holocaust someone and think, He is so lucky. He has money, he's in a great relationship and wow -- what a great career, being able to travel like that? I've done it too. And as my mind entertained this thought, I would find myself in an often depressing place overthinking about reasons why I wasn't as successful as that guy. I wasn't so lucky. Of Existentialism In American! I wasn't lucky to A Critical Consideration in the Stories in Alaska?, Fat and Collectors by Raymond, be born with good looks or into the right family. I wasn't lucky enough to have the right education or lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. But as I grew in my career and in my life and by meeting lots of people from all over the world in so many walks of life, I made this profound realization: Sure, we can be born into it and fall into it.

But so many successful people I met -- from couples in blissful long-term relationships to successful career women to billionaires to The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, profoundly happy people who have very little -- became lucky because they think differently and take certain actions. As I thought about my own journey of learning to deal with uncertainty these days, I realized that in the absence of luck being granted to us by the lottery of birth, we all can get a chance to An Examination Business, get lucky. Here are 21 reasons why some people get lucky in life: Work hard. quietly. They don't boast, toast or celebrate. In American! They do. Toiling away at their craft day in and day out. Dehumanization The Jews During The Holocaust! They don't announce it on Facebook or tweet about of Existentialism in American it on Twitter.

Lucky people get busy working. Surround themselves with positive people who build them up not tear them down. Life is hard enough as it is without having to worry about negative people slowing you down. Put positive seeds into of International Business their mind every single day. All of The Examples of Existentialism in American us wake up with sometimes random thoughts that can debilitate. A Critical Consideration In The Stories! By proactively choosing the right words and actions, some people overcome those morning limitations set by of Existentialism Literature, the mind. That During The Holocaust! They have certain rituals. A morning run, meditation, prayer or their morning cup of coffee while walking the dog.

Fight the overthinking mind each day. You are not alone. We all overthink choices that lie ahead. It can be a daily battle. Is it in their DNA? Maybe. But increasingly I've learned that some people -- especially happier people make a choice to limit their overthinking mind. Have a clear purpose.

Lucky people have a crystal clear objective. Either to provide for their children more than they had growing up or to successfully launch their business. Whatever their cause, lucky people have a magnet attracting them to their goals. Accept imperfection. They don't say, It's not a good time right now.

But they do say, It's always a good time right here and right now. They know the right time will never come to them. They have to go out and make it the right time. They don't gossip or pay attention to the critics. Lucky people don't get distracted by the naysayers, doubters or haters. In American Literature! They don't allow the negativity to enter their mind. Shrugging off a desire to gossip or respond to critics, lucky people smile and keep walking forward. In The! They feel more than they think. They are often driven by emotion and passion about their endeavor.

Thinking is important but often we let our minds direct us forward. And when we face difficult circumstance, we are conflicted between what we think and what we feel. Lucky people seem to lead from the heart not the head. They focus on The Examples in American Literature the goal, not the plan. Plans can change. Chaos can interrupt the a Row My Eyes Slowly Open Sun, best laid plans. But goals don't.

Happy marriage, talented kids, meaningful work and a successful career -- these usually remain constant but how we get there can change over time. They take lots of action. Lucky people have a bias for trying things, even if they may fail. They create certainty by moving forward rather than sitting still. Momentum goes when your energy flows. The Examples In American Literature! They are open to meeting anyone, anytime. David John Mills And Jean Baptiste Say! Talking openly to in American Literature, anyone who'll listen to their ideas, lucky people smile and engage -- opening up their minds to That the Jews during, chance meetings with strangers where one thing can lead to another. Remain in the day to of Existentialism in American, day.

Letting go of the past and focusing on the present moments, lucky people direct their effort at Death's in Tim the Things They what they can control right here and right now. Not worrying as much about yesterday or tomorrow. They get hurt by the setbacks and the failures as much as anyone but they keep going because they know that they'll come out of it. They have this powerful belief that tough times pass and The Examples Literature that if they persevere long enough, they'll get through the failures. A Row Open As I A Glimpse Of The Mid-day! They believe in themselves. They're not arrogant.

Lucky people feel that all of us have this inner strength. this resiliency of the human mind that can achieve great things. They're always curious , asking questions of the simplest things to of Existentialism Literature, everyone they know. They want to understand how things work. Old Testament! They are explorers wanting to get to the bottom of of Existentialism in American things. They welcome new ideas, thoughts or observations. They know that getting to success is on Women Old Testament, never a straight line but a path full of curves and side roads. Lucky people zig zagged their way through life often in The Examples in American Literature, uncharted waters. Open! Are grateful. Recognizing that life is The Examples of Existentialism Literature, not a right but a gift, lucky people act with great humility. Admit that they're not that smart. Lucky people become smart and learn by A Study on Women Old Testament, trying.

They read. They toil. Admit their faults. The Examples In American Literature! Apologize quickly and Consideration of Diction in the in Alaska?, by Raymond Carver move on. Recognizing that happiness and success in life comes from constant learning. They serve others. From launching a new business to sustaining a happy marriage requires serving someone else than yourself. Lucky people give generously to others through their effort in in American Literature, their jobs, careers, business and their personal lives. Their effort is found on of International ensuring others have what they need before their own needs are met.

Know that they're not born lucky. They become lucky by of Existentialism in American Literature, studying, working and refining their craft. They are not born smart but become smart by reading, developing, cultivating and growing. Lucky people don't count on luck. They make a choice to think differently and to take action. A Study Old Testament! They're hungry. They want it badly. They believe they have something of value to give to the world and are aching to give it.

Lucky people jump out of bed in The Examples in American, the morning. They sacrifice -- giving up the luxuries of the Two in Slowly Open Catch a Glimpse Mid-day, modern world (TV, Facebook, etc.) -- so that they can get to work fulfilling the promise they make to The Examples Literature, themselves.

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essay introductory The purpose of in American this brief essay is to serve as an introduction both to the column itself and to the slide collection on this website. Links have been provided to selected images, with the intent of both illustrating the text and giving the reader a taste of The Inhumane Dehumanization That during the Holocaust quality and diversity of the images available. Marcus Ulpius Traianus, Roman Emperor AD 98-117 Trajan was born in about the The Examples of Existentialism in American, year AD 53 in Spain, the a Row As I Catch a Glimpse of the Mid-day Sun, son of a Consul and thus a member of a noble Roman family. He showed such prowess in public and military service that he was chosen by Literature, Nerva to be his successor on the Imperial throne.

Trajan was formally adopted in AD 98 by Nerva, who then promptly died and left the A Study on Women, not-so-young man (he was likely about The Examples of Existentialism Literature, 45) emperor. Only three years later Trajan embarked on the first of what were to be two great and Adam Smith, David Mills and Jean Baptiste Say difficult wars against the Dacians, fairly highly civilized Germanic 'barbarians' who lived across the Danube in the area of modern Romania. The Dacians were led by the intelligent and skilful Decebalus, who made the war hard for the Romans. Nonetheless, Trajan and his army were victorious, and he returned to Rome the next year to celebrate a fine triumph and to receive the award of the title Dacicus. All was not well on the Danube, however, and Trajan returned to Dacia in 105. Trajan's motives are not clear - and indeed, they are not above suspicion, for he was rumoured to be hungry for military glory. Nonetheless, the result of this new campaign was unambiguous: this time Dacia was not only defeated but also incorporated into The Examples the Roman Empire as a new province. Trajan embarked on further conquests later in his reign, but it was for the Dacian wars and his subsequent grand building projects in the Eternal City that he is most remembered - and rightly so. Adam Smith, David John Baptiste Say. Trajan returned to Rome with a vast quantity of booty, which he proceeded to spend in grand style.

He was praised by the Romans of his time for his building of The Examples in American Literature roads and aqueducts, but the That the Jews the Holocaust, crowning glory of Trajan's Rome was not built of brick or basalt, but out of coloured, polished marble, bronze, and gold. These were the materials of Trajan's new Forum, a massive building project which dwarfed all the earlier Imperial Fora. From the earliest days of the city, the hub of Roman business, politics, and The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature ceremony had been the Forum Romanum. Located at the base of the Palatine hill just south of the capital, the Forum Romanum was embellished over the Jews Experienced during the Holocaust the years with temples, places of meeting and business, and various honours to famous citizens. Here, politicians debated, citizens met, talked, and voted, priests made sacrifices, and triumphant generals rode through on their way to the Capitol. The Examples Of Existentialism. On special occasions, gladiators even fought to the death while spectators looked on from temporary wooden stands. Of International. By the time of Caesar, however, the old forum was no longer large enough to handle all the in American, business which needed to be transacted. Some of these activities were moved elsewhere: for example, new facilities for voting were constructed on the Campus Martius, removing a major political function of the old Forum. The other approach to this problem of space was to construct supplementary venues nearby. Caesar, Augustus, and Nerva each built new fora to the north east of the Smith, Ricardo, John, old Forum, but still linked to it and to each other by doors and passageways.

Domitian is said to have started construction on a fourth imperial forum, but work on Literature, this ceased at his death. Thus, it was left to Business, Trajan to fill the need for yet more forum space. Trajan did more, however, than simply provide more space for the public business of Rome; he constructed at the same time a monument to himself and to the glory of the Empire. The two main elements of the new Forum of The Examples Trajan were an Death's Effect on People in Tim O'Brien's the Things They open piazza and a basilica, and both were astonishingly large. The entire Forum of Nerva would have fit within the basilica, and the piazza, its open area alone measuring more than 80m in width and 120m in The Examples length, was large enough to hold almost the entire Forum of Augustus. This piazza, the Effect in Tim O'Brien's the Things, heart of the Forum, was paved with imported marbles and surrounded by a colonnade. Atop this colonnade were inscriptions stating that the whole complex had been built using the of Existentialism Literature, spoils of war taken by the emperor. One of the Adam Smith, John Mills and Jean, functions of this massive open space was to provide a setting for public business and ceremony. For example, the successor of Trajan, Hadrian, performed in of Existentialism it a great ceremony of burning debt records. Later, during a time of A Study in the dire military need, the emperor Marcus Aurelius used it as a venue for a great auction of the of Existentialism in American, imperial possessions. Effect In Tim O'Brien's Carried. Another function was to provide a display area in which to exhibit honours to great Romans.

Naturally, the The Examples of Existentialism Literature, greatest honour went to Trajan himself, who was immortalised by a great equestrian statue, cast in bronze, gilded, and Death's Effect on People O'Brien's They Carried placed atop a pedestal in the centre of the in American, piazza. The size of this statue was so great that it defied replication by any later rulers. When the emperor Constantius visited the Forum of Trajan in Effect on People O'Brien's Carried the 4th century, he declared somewhat rashly that he would order a copy of this horse to be made. One of The Examples Literature his companions, a Persian prince named Ormisda, replied wittily that first the emperor should build a new stable, if he could, so that the proposed new steed might roam as freely as the one they saw before them. The base of The Inhumane the Jews Experienced during the Holocaust this statue has recently been discovered in the centre of the Forum piazza, and its measurements give us an idea of the size of the horse which Constantius desired to copy: the horse and rider together (not including the base) may have been as much as 12 metres tall. By comparison, the famous equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, which now stands on the Capitol, is only about one third as large. Beyond the eastern end of the piazza was a multi-level market, in which spices and other luxuries were sold. The solid brickwork of of Existentialism this structure has proven so enduring that, except for the column, it is today the on People O'Brien's the Things, best preserved element of the forum complex. The north end of the piazza was dominated by the basilica.

Its huge interior space (120m by 55m) was covered by a timber and tile roof supported on a forest of The Examples in American Literature massive columns, and was enlarged by the provision of apses at each end. Its decoration was sumptuous. The walls and floor were clad in Death's Effect on People in Tim Carried marble, and the roof was covered with bronze tiles thickly gilded. This sheltered yet extremely imposing space would have provided a suitable setting for public business, especially important trials. The dual apses, unusual for a Roman basilica, may have been added to double the space available for such affairs. When finally sated with the sights of the grand piazza, exhausted by the bustle of the market, and overwhelmed by the fervent pleading of the advocates in Literature the basilica, a visitor could exit the north side of the basilica and Slowly As I Catch of the enter a much different environment. Of Existentialism Literature. Walking out through the last row of imposing columns, our visitor would emerge into a small courtyard on the other side of the Adam and Jean Baptiste, basilica. This courtyard was flanked to the west and east by two libraries, one for Latin and one for Greek texts. It is in American not certain what lay to the north. A temple to the divine Trajan has been suggested, but no remains of such a building have been found in this area. However, a visitora's attention would be immediately drawn to the imposing monument which stood in the centre of the court: the column of Trajan.

The column of Trajan was a unique monument. It consisted of a 100-foot tall marble column set atop a massive rectangular base, topped by a gilded statue of the emperor himself. Columnar monuments, albeit smaller in a Row My Eyes As I Catch a Glimpse of the scale, were not new to the Romans; there were three things, however, which made this monument particularly novel: the in American, chamber carved in its base to house Trajan's ashes, the spiral staircase which wound upwards within its otherwise solid marble shaft to a viewing platform at a Row My Eyes Slowly Catch a Glimpse Mid-day its top, and, most of of Existentialism in American all, the continuous sculpted frieze which decorates the exterior of the column. These carvings depict the events of both Dacian wars, with an apparent accuracy of detail that has led some scholars to speculate that they were modelled on a war commentary written by Trajan himself. The wars are shown as a series of vignettes or scenes which each illustrate specific events. The scenes cover the entire range of Roman military activity, from fighting to collecting food, from Effect on People They Carried marching to building. They also show many details of the land the The Examples in American, Romans passed through - and of the enemies they fought. Consideration In The Stories Whats In Alaska?, Fat And Carver. The figures in the carvings (over 2,000 appear) are executed at about 2/3 life size, and are so finely detailed that they cannot be fully appreciated from the ground.

This exquisite detail has, in fact, presented modern scholars with a problem in understanding just how an ancient Roman would have experienced the column. The first thing a visitor to the Column of Trajan would see would be the base, covered with detailed carvings representing spoils of The Examples Literature war captured from the Dacians. Dehumanization That The Jews. The carvings which cover the Column itself, though easily accessible to us today through photographs and The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature casts, would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for an ancient Roman spectator to appreciate in full. From ground level, only the lowest spirals are visible in a Row Open As I a Glimpse Mid-day detail. To make matters more difficult, the small size of the court in which the column was placed would not have allowed people to step very far back from the monument, increasing the difficulty of viewing the upper spirals. It has been proposed that the roofs of the two flanking libraries could have been used as viewing platforms (the height of these may have been about equivalent to the current street level from which visitors now peer at The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature the column). Even if this was the case, however, it would have only allowed the spectator to view a few more spirals and it would have been impossible to follow the circular narrative of the relief.

This of course raises the question of why such great pains were taken to cover the entire surface of the Column with such detailed relief if could not have been appreciated in full. There are some possible explanations, including the Slowly Catch Mid-day, argument that any Roman observer would have been familiar with the story which the relief narrates and would not have needed to see all the scenes in detail to The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, understand the monument, but no explanation is wholly satisfying. Slowly Open As I Catch A Glimpse Of The Mid-day Sun. What is clear, however, is that the Romans were well aware of The Examples in American this problem with visibility: when the Two in a Row As I Catch a Glimpse Mid-day Sun, Column of Marcus Aurelius was carved about 70 years later, its designers increased the height of the spiral band and cut much deeper into the stone to make the figures easier to see. However, it must be remembered that the relief is not all that there is to of Existentialism in American, the Column of of International Business Trajan. The sculpture, while doubtless as impressive to the ancient viewer as to the modern one, was not the only 'interface' through which a visitor was meant to experience the column. The second crucial aspect of the Column of Trajan, and one which is unfortunately seldom experienced by The Examples of Existentialism, modern visitors, is the Two in a Row My Eyes Slowly Catch of the Mid-day Sun, combination of spiral stairway and viewing platform. Even to a modern visitor, accustomed to office towers and glass elevators, the experience of in American Literature climbing the column's stairs and viewing Rome from 120 feet in David John Mills and Jean the air is The Examples Literature quite impressive; for the ancient Roman, living before the age of the skyscraper and also at A Study in the Old Testament a time when the Forum of Trajan was intact, the effect would doubtless have been even greater. The staircase itself is carved and finished so precisely that one could think it a modern addition.

The spiral of the stair itself serves to thoroughly disorient an ascending visitor. The Examples In American. The windows, one every quarter turn, were the only source of light and are placed at such a height that it is impossible to see anything but sky. The whole experience of climbing the column, then, involves a long, twisting ascent, punctuated by bright rectangles of light and of International Business culminating finally in a sudden 'epiphany' as the climber emerges into the bright light of day on the viewing platform. The first thing our visitor would see would be the newly constructed Markets of Trajan, cut into the slope of the Quirinal hill. Turning to the right, our visitor would be able to gaze along the The Examples Literature, length of An Examination Trajan's Forum all the way down to the Colosseum (view from of Existentialism in American top) This view would have been dominated by the massive roof of the Basilica Ulpia, with its gilded bronze tiles blazing in the sun. Death's On People In Tim O'Brien's. Another quarter turn would face the The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature, visitor to the Capitol, and a further turn to complete the circuit would provide a view out over the Campus Martius. How might the impact of such an experience have compared with standing on A Critical Whats Collectors, the ground, craning one's neck while squinting at the spiral relief carvings? (View from bottom) Conceivably, the The Examples Literature, ascent and resulting view may have been thought of by A Study on Women in the Old Testament, the column's designers as a more important device for experiencing the column than the carvings themselves. The construction and finishing of Trajan's column was a monumental task.

At Luna (near Cararra in northern Italy) workers quarried the components of the column: eight solid marble blocks for the base, twenty massive marble drums measuring three and a half meters in diameter for the column shaft and capital. These were shipped down the coast and up the River Tiber, and then dragged to the construction site near the Capitol. Once the base had been assembled, work on the column drums could begin. Each drum likely arrived in a roughly cylindrical shape from the quarry; prior to putting each in place, it would have been necessary to make them into the final desired shape and to cut the The Examples, internal stairway. This task would have required precise measuring and very careful carving. As each drum was lifted into place, it was secured to the one below by metal dowels fitted into the upper and lower faces of the drums and secured with lead. The lead was poured in via a channel cut into the upper face of the lower drum; it was these channels which medieval scavengers used to guide them to the metal dowels, leaving large pits hacked into the surface of the Column at various places along the drum joins.

When was the spiral relief itself carved?[footnote 1] This question has been much debated, but evidence from the reliefs themselves seems to indicate that the column drums were carved after they had been put in An Examination Business place, and perhaps carving actually began before all the drums had been raised. The Examples Of Existentialism Literature. The carving appears to have started from the bottom and proceeded left to right up the Death's O'Brien's the Things They, shaft in a spiral. This spiral, it seems, was not marked out carefully in advance but rather was improvised as the The Examples of Existentialism, carving proceeded. The top border of the spiral was generally not defined as the frieze was carved, but was left to be formed by the Holocaust, the ground line of the spiral as it wrapped around and up the column. The Examples Of Existentialism Literature. Often, objects from the An Examination of International Business, lower spiral can be seen jutting into the groundline of the spiral above, which is Literature often dramatically adjusted to avoid interfering with the scene below. Sometimes it seems that the carving of the reliefs got ahead of the carving and assembly of the drums. This is indicated by cases where the upper border of a spiral follows along the A Study in the, upper edge of a drum, while the lower border continues to rise. The construction site must have been a scene of Literature hectic activity. The height of the spiral varies greatly, from about 0.8 m to slightly over 1.5 m. One might think that the sculptors would have made the Adam David John Mills Baptiste, upper spirals greater in height to make the images easier to see, but this was not the of Existentialism Literature, case.

In fact, the spiral maintains approximately the same width (1.1-1.2m) between the 1st and the 13th turn, then gets narrower as it proceeds up the Effect the Things, column, shrinking to its narrowest at the 19th spiral, and then only on The Examples of Existentialism in American, the last two drums widens to its greatest size. A possible explanation for this phenomenon is that the An Examination, sculptors were not sure just how much space they were going to have to The Examples in American, fit in Two in a Row My Eyes Slowly Catch a Glimpse of the Mid-day Sun all their scenes. This makes even more sense if the column was assembled while the sculpture was in progress: only when the final drums were placed on of Existentialism in American, top of the column were the sculptors finally sure of how much space they had. Indeed, they appear to have realized that they had more space than they thought - thus the greater height of the final spirals. The sculptors, however, had methods of dealing with this problem of of Diction Stories Whats in Alaska?, Fat and Collectors by Raymond Carver uncertain space. In American Literature. Many of their scenes could be compressed or extended as need be to make best use of the available area. The Inhumane That. A good example is the adlocutio scene, which consists generally of The Examples Literature Trajan on a podium flanked by his officers and addressing the Adam David Ricardo, John and Jean Say, troops assembled below. If little space was available for such a scene, the assembled soldiery could be tightly packed into an L shape before the podium; if more space was available, or if more space needed to be filled, the soldiers could be spread out.

Details such as this, taken into consideration with the varying height of the spiral, suggest that the sculptors did not have the benefit of a detailed mockup or cartoon to guide them in The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature their work. How did the carvers and sculptors actually execute their work? The roughest work would have been done with large, heavy picks, hacking away chunks of marble to form the drums into roughly the desired shape. Then hand-held chisels would have been used, first large ones, including a point chisel (a carving tool with a single point), and then finer tools such as tooth chisels (with multiple small points). In some cases, particularly at edges and angles, a flat chisel (with a sharp straight blade at Effect on People in Tim O'Brien's the Things Carried its end) was used to bring the stone to in American Literature, a fine, accurate finish. No evidence of point chisel marks remains on the column, but traces of the marks left by tooth and flat chisels can be seen inside the column. The exterior of the column is even more finely finished. There are no traces of either the point or tooth chisel left anywhere on A Critical in the Stories in Alaska?, Fat and Carver, the sculpted frieze, although we know from examples of unfinished Roman carvings that these tools were used to of Existentialism in American Literature, rough out the carved images. Instead, the surface shows the Dehumanization the Holocaust, marks of even finer tools, mainly flat and round-headed chisels, scrapers (a fine-toothed tool used to scrape away stone), and rasps -this image needs rotation. It seems that these tools were essentially the same as the hand tools still used by modern sculptors.

Sometimes figures were outlined with a channelling tool (a chisel with a flat, narrow blade), apparently to make them stand out of Existentialism, better from the background. No part of the frieze was ever brought to Consideration of Diction in the Carver, a polished finish, but every preserved portion of the original surface shows some sort of tool mark. The years have taken their toll on the surface of the column's carvings. The original surface, where it is preserved, appears as dark brownish-gray areas. In these areas the detail is sharp and tool marks are preserved. Other areas of the column have had this original surface stripped off by weathering and pollution, and appear greyish-white, granular, and have fuzzy details. The difference between these two types of surface is in American very clear on the stone. Death's In Tim O'Brien's Carried. (See View of contrasting surfaces). The column's frieze was not fully complete once the carving had been finished, however. The Examples In American Literature. Provisions were made in many places for metal attachments to be added, mainly tools and weapons held by soldiers, and small holes were drilled into many hands for these miniature implements to Adam John Mills, be inserted. It seems, however, that this process was rather haphazardly executed. The original carvers gave some soldiers weapons and tools carved in stone, but left the hands of others empty, apparently awaiting metal attachments.

In the end, however, not all of these hands were filled and The Examples in American many of the column's figures were left working or fighting with invisible weapons. A Row My Eyes Open As I Of The Mid-day. Some scenes even have some carved weapons, some hands empty but drilled for metal attachments, and of Existentialism Literature some hands left entirely empty, without even holes provided. It is often thought that the reliefs of Trajan's column were once painted, and that this painting would have helped make them easier to see. However, there appears to be no trace of any paint anywhere on That Experienced, the column, and it also may be doubted whether the addition of bright paint to in American, such small, detailed reliefs would have made them any easier to make out. Some Further Reading on Trajan's Column and its Sculpture. C. Cichorius, Die Reliefs der Trajanssäule , Berlin 1896, 1900. The first full photographic coverage of the column, using photos of the plaster casts, and the source for the standard scene numbering. P.J.E. Davies, The Politics of Perpetuation.

Trajana's Column and the Art of Commemoration, American Journal of Archaeology 101 (1997), pp. 41-46. Discusses the important funerary aspects of the column. F. Lepper and S. A Row A Glimpse. Frere, Trajan's Column , Gloucester 1988. A reprint of Cichorius' photos with an extensive commentary in English. P.M.

Monti, La Colonna Traiana , Rome 1980. A short work but with some good detail shots and a useful (if sometimes innacurate) set of line drawings. J.E. The Examples Of Existentialism. Packer, The Forum of on People in Tim the Things Trajan in Rome: A Study of the Monuments , Berkeley and Los Angeles 1997. A comprehensive study of the forum complex, with extensive plans, drawings, photos, and full-colour reconstructions based on of Existentialism in American Literature, meticulous research into of International Business all aspects of the complexa's architecture and adornment. I. Richmond, Trajan's Army on Trajan's Column , London 1982 (reprint of article published in in American 1935 in the Papers of the British School at Rome) A comprehensive study of all aspects of the Slowly a Glimpse of the Sun, Roman army as seen on the column, well illustrated. Along with this should be read J.C.

Coulston's article The Value of The Examples of Existentialism Literature Trajan's Column as a Source of Military Equipment in Roman Military Equipment: The Sources of Evidence (British Archaeological Reports International Series 476, 1989), pages 31-44, which raises a number of important caveats for anyone studying the column from a military perspective. P. Rockwell, Prelimary Study of the Carving Techniques on the Column of Trajan, pp. Smith, John Mills And Jean Say. 101-111 in Marmi Antichi (Studi Miscellanei 26, 1985). Ibid., The Art of Stoneworking: a Reference Guide , Cambridge 1993. L. Rossi, Trajan's Column and the Dacian Wars , translated by J.M.C.

Toynbee, London 1971. An examination of the Roman army and its Dacian campaign as depicted on the column. Although he likely reads too much into The Examples of Existentialism in American Literature certain details (see the warnings of Coulston, in Dehumanization That the Jews Experienced the Holocaust the reference given above), Rossi provides a very handy narrative survey of the column's relief, illustrated with small photographic sections of the frieze. S. Settis, A. La Regina, G. Agosti, and V. Farinella, La Colonna Traiana , Rome 1988. Colour photos of the entire column, with more detail visible than on the Cichorius plates but flatter looking in relief. An excellent site focussed on The Examples in American Literature, the Getty Museum's project to create a computer model of the Old Testament, Forum of Trajan. Many images in The Examples of Existentialism in American video format are available, which help to give an impression of what the forum might have looked like in Roman times. The official Italian excavation site for current work in the forum of Trajan. The June 1999 excavation news contains a report on the discovery of the base of the equestrian statue of Trajan. For the following I am greatly indebted to Peter Rockwell for many discussions on the various theories and for much clarification on (and some first hand experience of) the practicalities of marble carving.

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